Seminar on residencies, MeetFactory, CZ

Seminar on residencies, MeetFactory, CZ

On March 10, TransArtists participated in a seminar on residencies together with many residencies from Central and Eastern Europe and the directors of Goethe Institutes in this region. The aim of the meeting The general aim of the meeting was to serve as a point of experience exchange and networking between the representatives of the artist-in-residence programs within the Central and Eastern European region and Germany and the directors from the Goethe Institutes from the respective regions.

TransArtists presented the general scope of residencies nowadays, including current trends in programming, focus and models of residencies in the world. Representatives of the artist-in-residence from the above mentioned regions with both long years of experience or just starting their programs will present their models, fields of work, modes of expertise, research patterns and past and current challenges. Those included GeoAIR (Georgia), Academie Schloss Solitude (Germany), BridgeGuard (Slovakia), ARE Praha (Czech Republic), Ujazdowski Castle CCA (Poland), Rupert (Lithuania), WROart (Poland), Futura Projects (Czech Republic), WROAIR (Poland), KAIR Kosice (Slovakia), Banská St a nica Contemporary (Slovakia) and Grandhotel Cosmopolis (Germany).

At the end of the day, a public discussion took place at MeetFactory investigating residences as economic models of the near future or utopian islands in turbulent times? The panel discussion included Öykü Özsoy (TR) curator and theoretician, Kassandras (GR) hybrid cultural space, Pavel Sterec (CZ) artist and Marie Fol (NL) program manager TransArtists | DutchCulture, and was moderated by Zuzana Jakalová (MeetFactory).

Find more about the public panel here.

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