Residency Applied Arts from Nature

Residency Applied Arts from Nature

Residency for designers to collaborate with artisans to re-imagine traditional techniques from the Algarve region, Portugal.

The Applied Arts from Nature Residency is an initiative organized between Passa Ao Futuro and Loulé Criativo with the aim of exploring and preserving the intangible heritage and the Portuguese cultural heritage of local crafts(wo)men; re-thinking the historical past, facilitating collaboration and innovation between crafts(wo)men and national and international designers and architects in the creation of new contemporary utilitarian pieces; inspiring younger generations to continue this heritage specifically within the practices of regenerative design.

5 designers and 5 artisans will work with different traditional materials and techniques from the Algarve region: cork, hammered copper, palm, terracotta pottery and tiles.

The residency will take place in the Loulé Criativo space and in the artisans' workshops, in the Algarve. At the end there will be an exhibition of the pieces in the Gama Lobo Palace in Loulé followed by one in Lisbon.

Algarve has a long history strongly linked to the resources of the territory. With a rich landscape diversity (cork forests, dry fruit farms, mountains, streams and wetlands) that is responsible for profound cultural manifestations and traditions. The use of raw natural materials - cork, palm, clay and copper - continues to have a strong presence in various crafts, however modernity rejects many of these ancient customs. We believe it's important to celebrate this aspect of the Portuguese and Mediterranean culture.

We ask designers to re-imagine traditional techniques and the application of these materials to create sustainable and even regenerative products. Innovative design will not only add value by connecting these products to the contemporary market, but will also increase the self-esteem of crafts(wo)men, valuing their knowledge, providing new opportunities and inspiring a new generation of artisans and designers.

Who can apply
The Applied Arts from Nature Residency program is open to:
* Designers, architects with a strong interest in craftsmanship with
a hands-on approach to their practice
* Committed to solving problems using design thinking
* Interested in experimenting with and rethinking traditional techniques
in natural materials.
* Interested in understanding the history of the use of materials and
finding innovative interpretations for applications in contemporary society,
ensuring continuous exploration and the evolution of tacit knowledge
* Dedicated to sustainable design (social, environmental and economic)

Deadline for applications 5 September 2021

Read more about the open call and how to apply in the attached document or on the website: