Performing the margins article available here

Performing the margins article available here

Performing the margins, published in Kunstlicht magazine, is a research by Mariska van den Berg about marginality as a concept, including a closer look into the practices of DeltaWorkers in New Orleans and LeoXIII in Tilburg. The research was instigated and commissioned by AiR Platform NL and Kunstloc on the occasion of the conference Working on the margins at Kunstloc in Tilburg, 29 March 2018.

The peripherality of art residencies should, I will argue, not so much be attributed to their locale, but rather to the aspiration to probe marginality as a concept. It is this potentiality that provides the possibility of adhering to institutional frameworks and at the same time withdrawing from the current models, by creating very specific conditions for art production, often with minimal means and in unexpected places.

The article is available here (attached PDF below) and is part of Kunstlicht vol. 39 nr.2: Unpacking residencies, situating the production of cultural relations. In this academic journal for art, visual culture, and architecture, the residence theme is investigated by different writers, artists and researchers. Several articles are available online.

More information about the (ongoing) research and the conference program Working on the margins read more here.

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