AiR Platform NL meeting at Luceberthuis

February 29 2016, Bergen

AiR Platform NL organized a network meeting for artist-in-residence organizers, this time at the former atelier of Lucebert in Bergen. The beautiful studio and appartment in the middle of suburban Bergen town, is at the time of our visit, home of photographer Frederique van Rijn through the artist-in-residence program of the Luceberthuis with…read more


TransCultural Exchange Conference: Expanding worlds

TransCultural Exchange's 2016 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Expanding Worlds gathered more than 600 persons over two days in Boston, USA - artists, curators, scientists, gallery owners, funders, critics, artist-in-residency directors and those from other fields looking to work with artists.

The packed schedule offered the possibility to dive into various aspect of  international residency programs, provided practical advice, discussed how art can play a…read more


Tilting Axis 2 - Caribbean Strategies

In Feburary 2016, the second meeting of Tilting Axis was organised by Fresh Milk Art Platform and ARC Magazine at the Perez Art Museum Miami. Following a first edition in Barbados, this conference focused on three modules:

  • exhibitions and programming,
  • artists’ movement and mobility, and
  • education.

These three aspects are key to understand the dynamics and challenges of the Caribbean art spaces and residencies. Many cultural operators from the Caribbean were present, which provided…read more


ArtCOP21: global festival of cultural activities on climate change

On the occasion of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris, the French and international cultural sectors are coming together in the ArtCOP21 to confirm the central role of culture in ecological transition and sustainable development. In line with our involvement in the Green Art Lab Alliance, we are very proud to say that DutchCulture | TransArtists is taking part in the Professional Workshop (3-4 December, Gaité Lyrique, Paris).

The Professional…read more


Created in China. The artist's experience

On November the third, 2015 DutchCulture organized the program Created in China. The artist's experience to dive into questions like "How to establish a collaborative relationship with Chinese art institutions and initiatives?" and "How to take part in, and what to expect from Chinese artist-in-residence programs? " Professionals from China, the Netherlands and elsewhere shared experiences and ideas…read more


Created in China - The artists' experience

DutchCulture China Desk and TransArtists desk are organising a meeting on working in and with China on 3rd November in Amsterdam.

How can you work as an artist in China ? How to establish a collaborative relationship with Chinese art institutions and initiatives? What do you need to know to extend your work in this specific context ? How to take part in, and what to expect from Chinese artist-in-residence programs? What are the specific features of residency programs in China?

read more


Alliance of Artists Communities' 2015 annual conference - International mobility handout

The Alliance of Artists Communities (USA) is an international association of artists' residencies — a diverse field of more than 1,500 programs worldwide that support artists of any discipline in the development of new creative work. Believing that the cultivation of new art and ideas is essential to human progress, the Alliance's mission is to advocate for and support artists' communities, to advance the endeavors of…read more


Our deadlines' reminder newsletter is out!

TransArtists deadlines reminder newsletter for November and December is out!

Apart of having a complete list of upcoming residency deadlines for the next two months, with each newsletter we highlight different platform/resource/organization that is relevant for giving information on artist-in-residence opportunities. This time it is China Residencies, non-for-profit organization creating a directory of artist residencies in mainland China.…read more


Dialogue about the future of the artistic practice

16 September 2015

DutchCulture | TransArtists was glad to be part of the information market for young artists inside museum De Pont in Tilburg this week surrounded by light projection of James Turrell & works by Amish Quilts. Here Kunstpodium T and museum De Pont museum presented Day of the Young Artist - Dialogue about the future of the artistic practice. On this annual…read more


Séance d'information sur les résidences, Bruxelles, BE

Artist Project (Bruxelles, BE) est une plateforme dynamique, active dans le conseil et l'accompagnement d’artistes. Son objectif : aider les artistes à valoriser leurs projets et à acquérir plus d'autonomie dans leur parcours professionnel. Pour ce faire, ses trois missions sont d'informer, former et conseiller les artistes ainsi que tous les publics intervenant dans les domaines créatifs.

Marie Fol, coordinatrice de DutchCulture | TransArtists et web-éditrice du site,…read more