Residencies Reflected

The symposium invites residency professionals to collectively reconsider the present moment as a crossroads towards possible futures. It opens with an public event and lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and continues over two days as an intensive retreat at HIAP on the island of Suomenlinna. It will be followed by a publication drawing together the emerging critical discourse on residencies.

The TransArtists team of DutchCulture is looking forward to the discussions that will take place during this meeting.

The symposium sets…read more


TransArtists’ highlights in BK-informatie

BK-informatie is a Dutch professional journal for visual artists, which exists for 35 years, in print and now also in digital versions. It provides visual artists and other working in the visual arts field with information over arts policy (on local, regional and national levels as well as from institutions and art organisations), as well as calls for projects, manifestations, biennales, prizes, competitions and artist-in-residency programs.

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TransArtists workshops in 2016

This year we continue our collaboration with art schools, academies and other art organisations to provide workshops for artists about artist-in-residence opportunities worldwide and other forms of mobility. Here is an overview of recent workshops as well as other educational activities we took part in:

  • 29 January: workshop during the career day of the Sint Joost Academy, Breda, The Netherlands
  • 16 February: workshop for fourth year students at the Minerva Academy, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • 18 February:…read more

AiR Platform NL supports Platform Werkplaatsen

Platform Werkplaatsen is a joint venture between Dutch and Flemish workshops and labs for artists and designers.

Technical workshops, with and without artist-in-residence programs, lead the way in facilitating craft techniques for and by artists and designers. These workshops are consistently developing, reflecting the changes in daily art practice, thereby creating innovative applications of old and new…read more


Meet our new colleague!

Since March this year, I have joined the TransArtists team with great pleasure. As a young art professional with a special interest in transcultural art, I greatly encourage TransArtists’ mission to stimulate and advance artists’ mobility worldwide. I have always worked in institutions with an international focus and I have a curious nature for other countries and cultures, which make me travel as much as possible in my free time. I believe that artistic international interaction should be facilitated as well as advocated more often to be able to…read more


Launch Platform Werkplaatsen website

20 May 2016, The Hague, The Netherlands

At Festival Analog at Grafisch Atelier in The Hague, Platform Werkplaatsen launched its new website. All technical workspaces aboard!

Analog Borders is a festival for artists, designers and others active in the Grafische Werkplaats. The festival included an exhibition, masterclasses,…read more


CulturalBase Major Stakeholder Conference

The CulturalBase social platform aims to identify and analyse some of the main debates and controversies around culture, in particular in relation to Heritage and European Identities. it aims to bring academic researchers, stakeholders and practitioners together to reach the following objectives:

  • To make an extensive analysis of the research literatures and policy programmes in the general field of cultural heritage and European identities.
  • To identify main research issues and policy programmes…read more

Falling in love: residencies and communities

This issue of the engage Journal investigates the relationships between organisations, audiences and the artists who are invited to develop their practice and/or make new work in a specific context and for a defined purpose. Read more about engage 37 here.

In this context, TransArtists proposed to write an article together with Sepake Angiama, educator and curator whose interest revolves around critical, discursive education practices and the “…read more


AiR Platform NL visiting New Orleans

April 5 - 7, 2016 New Orleans, US

The Alliance of Artists Communities organized 2016 Emerging Program Institute at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. This conference aka bootcamp brought together more than 50 emerging artist-in-residence programs from the United States. The program combined best practices from the arts-and-cultural…read more


Seminar on residencies, MeetFactory, CZ

On March 10, TransArtists participated in a seminar on residencies together with many residencies from Central and Eastern Europe and the directors of Goethe Institutes in this region. The aim of the meeting The general aim of the meeting was to serve as a point of experience exchange and networking between the representatives of the artist-in-residence programs within the Central and Eastern European region and Germany and the directors from the Goethe Institutes from the respective regions.

TransArtists presented…read more