The Pilot Project: Istanbul #2

'Towards creating a mobility tool kit for young artists'

The Beykent University in Istanbul is one of the Trans Artists' educational partners in the Prologue' network. In February 2009 the visual arts department of Beykent was so generous to facilitate the Trans Artists' Workshop and to contribute to the 'Prologue' network. This European network was… read more


'B' As In...

... Bucharest and Bratislava

Trans Artists On Tour: November 2008

Somehow November turned out to be the month for Trans Artists to visit European capitals in Central Europe starting with the letter 'B'. B' as in Bucharest and Bratislava. Will Budapest follow? Who knows! In 2009 Trans Artists will be present in Warsaw, Skopje and Istanbul. Check this webpage to see if Trans Artists is coming to your region anytime soon to inform you on all kind of… read more