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Other open calls

Other open calls is one of the existing online platforms listing open calls and ongoing deadlines for residency programmes. But there are other that might be useful to you... here is a short intro, and we hope to make this list grow with your input!

Residency Unlimited

The Opportunities platform on RU’s website is the go-to-source for national and international residency listings. As one of the most comprehensive online resources, it is regularly updated and available at no charge. If you are on twitter, we recommend to follow @resunlimited.

Res Artis

Residencies that are members of the worldwide Res Artis network can publish their open calls on the ResArtis website. Good to check the regular announcement of open calls on Res Artis facebook page.

Alliance of Artists Communities

List of upcoming deadlines of its members (mostly USA based, but not only). Monthly newsletter informing you of the deadlines of the two months to come.

Also present on Facebook and Twitter.

On the Move

The website of On the Move signposts mobility opportunities with travel costs paid - including a section on residency opportunities. Good to check the different mobility funding guides while you visit On the Move website ! Also present on Facebook and Twitter.

Via its Opportunities section, get updated on the latest announcements for grants, funding andresidencies focusing on cross cultural exchange between Asia and Europe.

Also present on Facebook and Twitter.


ArtRubicon is a visual art magazine (very active on Twitter!) that list current residency opportunities worldwide - check it out regularly!

Also present on Facebook

Mapping Residencies

Mapping Residencies is an annual magazine specialising in artists’ residencies and contemporary art. On its facebook page, the editorial team regularly shares open calls for residency programmes they came across.

Since 2002, WOOLOO.ORG connects artists with open calls for exhibitions, residencies and other opportunities. Specific section for residencies, and filter possible by type of events and discipline. Also present on Facebook and Twitter.

AIR - artinresidence

The AIR – artinresidence network is a platform dedicated to artist residences, based in Italy. The focus lies on opportunities for Italian artists, but other open calls are shared on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Call for curators

Call for Curators specialises in spreading open calls from cultural organizations that need to reach curators and art managers. Note that part of their website is accessible to members only.

Present also on Twitter and Facebook.

Call for........ makes a selection of open calls in which there is NO FEE to participate / to enter. Great resource, with lots of information (not only on residency).

Also present on Facebook.

Dancing opportunities

The latest opportunities in the field of dance - includes a specific section on residencies!

Also present on Facebook and Twitter.



e-artnow is an electronic information service distributing selected e-mail announcements related to contemporary visual arts. You can subscribe to their newsletter (see also a list of other newsletters in the right column of this page), but also view their announcements online.

Artquest residency list

Artquest (UK) provides everything visual artists need to know by encouraging critical engagement and providing practical support. The Artquest website is very rich and we encourage you to have a look at all their resources. In the Art Directory, you can find a list of UK and international residencies in visual arts and in crafts - sometimes also the open calls are listed.


Other initiative from Artquest, Artelier is an online social network for visual artists, anywhere in the world, and enables them to safely and securely negotiate studio and apartment exchanges online. You need to be invited to join in. Not exactly open calls, but another form of going on residency...

Culture Agora

Culture Agora is a free-access platform, free for the user, aims at facilitating the visibility professional content related to culture, and in more general terms, to cultural and creative industries: training, financing, employment opportunities, as well as partnership search and crowfunding. Most of the calls are from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean. One section is dedicated to residency calls.

Present on Facebook and Twitter.

CaFé is a platform where you can find more than 150 open calls added per day. It's based in the USA and promotes calls from anywhere in the world.

It is possible to filter the calls per types on their website, including by residency. Present on Twitter.

Rate my artist residency

On its facebook page, RMAR shares many open calls - check them out!

Find RMAR on Facebook, Twitter, and visit its website:


Arts residency network taiwan

The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan set up a bilangual platform (English and Chinese) listing international residency programmes as well as upcoming opportunities.


TransCultural Exchange

TransCultural Exchange’s mission is to foster a greater understanding of world cultures through high-quality art exhibitions, cultural exchanges and a biennale conference. On its facebook page, you can find many residency open calls! Also on Twitter.

On you can find calls for submissions, competitions, fellowships, grants, jobs, ... and residencies. Possibility to filter the posts, there is both US and non-US opportunities, and the information is up-to-date. Also on Twitter.


Art Deadlines List

There you can find call for participation in festivals, public art commissions, competitions, fellowships, ... and residencies. Only part of the calls can be viewed in free version. Art Deadline List is also on facebook.



Peeppol Network is a web platform for contemporary performing arts, with a daily news and opportunities section. Next to that, you can also use it as free website builder to create a page/site to promote your projects and be part of their catalog of contemporary arts creators and programmers worldwide. Check out their selection of residency related calls. Also on Facebook and Twitter.


The OLIST keeps track of open entry for exhibitions in UK and abroad - some residency open calls are also listed on the platform.

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