Open call residencies Iranian Heritage

Open call residencies Iranian Heritage

The Goethe-Institut and BOZAR are organising an artistic research residency program between Iran and Europe, withing the framework of the cultural heritage management program in Iran (HerMap Iran) funded by the Directorate General for International Partnerships of the European Commission.

The project is a means to preserve and revalue tangible and intangible cultural heritage by creating new ways for its perception, reception and communication. The open calls for the two residencies are aimed at artists from Europe and Iran.

A first residency invites candidates to present a project on the topic of classic Iranian poetry. It aims to connect these ancient forms of poetry with contemporary artistic expressions in the most beautiful and permanent manner and, by doing so, reaching a wider audience, especially among the younger generations.

The second residency is on the topic of Iranian music heritage. This project should focus in particular on proposing new approaches to enhance the value of the Iranian music heritage in its various components with the aim of preserving it, renewing musical practices and raising awareness to the widest possible audience.

The deadline for both open calls is April 15, 2021 (extended). All selected participants will be invited to participate in the following activities:

  • Experimental-Lab in the Centre for Fine Arts Brussels - BOZAR on June 10 and 11, 2021 - if the Corona situation permits it. The lab provides the opportunity to get professional advices and hints from a group of artists and experts in the field of classic Iranian poetry. This could inspire them to sharpen their approach.
  • Digital artist in residency program: Each residency is going to take one month between July and September 2021. The exact time-plan will be sent to the artists after the selection process. Artists should deliver their work at the end of the residency period.
  • Presentation of results in November/December 2021 in Tehran, where the productions of each residency will be shown.
  • Final encounter: it will take place in the Centre for Fine Arts Brussels - BOZAR in “December 2021” to share all experiences and encourage peer-learning, knowledge-sharing and future collaborations

What HerAiR offers:

  • Travel and visa costs, accommodation and daily allowance to attend the Artists-Lab in Brussels;
  • Technical support and access to a digital project platform;
  • Research supported by a team of artists and experts in Iran
  • Each residency will be shaped around the individual needs of each successful applicant creating a unique residency opportunity providing a tailored residency program for each successful applicant, to meet and collaborate digitally with local artists and experts.
  • Travel and visa costs, accommodation and daily allowance to attend the Final Encounter in Brussels.
  • Presentation of the final projects and results in Tehran and Brussels.


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