Open call for Artists in Exile (only Berlin based)

Open call for Artists in Exile (only Berlin based)

HIER & JETZT: Connections (HUJ) is an exchange and residency program organized by artists for artists. The project calls upon international artists in exile who live in Berlin and seek a place for artistic production. The initiative, HIER & JETZT: Connections defines exile as the involuntary loss of one’s social context and working environment in their country of origin for an uncertain period of time. The project is complemented by a series of lectures, workshops, and discussions held by artists, experts, and researchers in order to create a space  dialogue, mutual learning and understanding. Successful applicants are invited to work at B.L.O. Ateliers, in Berlin, for a period of three months.

In 2017, the artist initiative HIER & JETZT: Connections (HUJ) was launched by artists of B.L.O. Ateliers. HUJ is an exchange and residency program for artists in exile that emphasizes communication and reciprocity in and about artistic practice, while addressing current cultural and social questions. Over the course of the last three years the program has grown into a cross-cultural network composed of founding members and ten previous HIER & JETZT artist residents. The group continues to meet regularly to collaborate and support each other’s artistic production.

Since 2003, B.L.O. Ateliers (located in Berlin-Lichtenberg) has offered workshop space and studios to a vast variety of international artists and makers. Some 60 people work at B.L.O., among which include: visual artists, musicians, photographers, blacksmiths and special effects technicians. B.L.O. engages the public through concerts, workshops, film screenings, lectures, theater and exhibitions.

This open call is primarily addressed to visual artists who work in the fields of installation, painting, sculpture, media art, performance and photography. Applications from artists groups are welcome. From April through December, 2020, a 60 m² studio is offered as working space for a period of three months free of charge. Additionally, a budget of 500 € is offered to each resident or group for production costs. The residency periods are:

  • 1st of April – 30th of June
  • 1st of July – 30th of September
  • 1st of October – 31st of December

During the residency the artists are asked to hold a public presentation of their work (for example: open studio, artist talk, workshop, etc.) and to participate in the residencies' extended program.

Please send the requested materials with deadline February 21, 2020 to [email protected]:

  • Portfolio / Work Examples: max. 10 pictures of previous works / links to videos - File Name: portfolio_yourName (.zip or .pdf), max 5MB
  • CV, Biography: max. 2 pages - File Name: cv_yourName (.doc or .pdf), max 5MB
  • Artist Statement: max. 1 page - File Name: statement_yourName (.doc or .pdf), max 5MB
  • Application form
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