Residencies for Mediterranean Artists at Artémed

Residencies for Mediterranean Artists at Artémed

This artist residency asks participants to create works inspired by the city that evoke the "urban fact" or "urban doing". Deadline: 23 December 2022.

Artémed, a cultural association based in Paris, chose the theme of these “Parisian residences” and intended for visual artists of Mediterranean nationality, in order to question the notion of “world cities” and “city-refuges”.

The big cities of the world are a melting pot of human thought, activities and achievements. They are a place of meetings and crossroads where great opportunities for human, social, societal, architectural, urban, artistic and cultural achievements can be found.

Like those of Paris or the Mediterranean basin, they open doors to all foreigners from different horizons and to experiences of all kinds.

They are the place of the greatest professional or other opportunities and bring together all kinds of human enterprises, small or large. They thus attract the inhabitants of neighbouring or provincial regions and other countries, in search of an “elsewhere” full of promise.

These large cities are also "city-of-refuge" for intellectuals, artists, political opponents, and people from other countries or cities, fleeing conflicts, who are looking for certain security, and planning short or long stays there, in a peaceful and reassuring environment.

This artist residency asks participants to create works inspired by the city that evoke the "urban fact" or "urban doing" in their physical, plastic, material, spiritual, human, psychological, and social dimensions...

The works will be presented during exhibitions in Paris and Beirut, “world cities” par excellence.

The Artémed association offers an artist residency in Paris on the theme of world city(ies). The AiR is aimed at artists of Mediterranean nationality (except French) who practice is painting, drawing, illustration, photography, or installation.

They provide accommodation, a production workshop, a grant of €500, and exhibitions in Paris and Beirut, as well as advertising.

The stay lasts from 1 to 2 months in 2023 or 2024.

The application must include a maximum of 6 pages, including:

  • 2 presentation pages including:
    • Page 1: Age, Address and contact details, Training, Background, Exhibitions, Professional or non-professional experience
    • Page 2: Project for Paris
  • Page 3 to 6: Illustrations (with or without comments)

A copy of the identity document from a Mediterranean country is sent separately.

Deadline for submission: December 23, 2022

Email and information: [email protected]

The projects will be studied by operators in France and Lebanon:
Ola Abdallah, Salwa Fathallah, Ricardo Mbarkho and Serge Seroff.

All information is on their website.

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