Reflecting Residencies #2 - 2nd and 3rd of June 2022

Reflecting Residencies #2 - 2nd and 3rd of June 2022

Reflecting Residencies #2 will take place at Le Carreau du Temple (Paris). Meetings and discussions about residencies issues in France and around the world

Reflecting Residencies is an international symposium dedicated to artist residencies. Proposed for the first time in 2020 by Arts en résidence - Réseau national and envisaged as a biennial event, it brings together the actors of residencies in France and internationally to discuss the evolution of the issues at stake for the hosting organisations, for the resident artists and for the variety of partners that these experiences are likely to bring together. By dealing with national, European and international issues, Reflecting Residencies allows for the sharing of models and the discovery of experiences during two days of thematic round-table discussions. It also includes four ‘professional workshops’ that offer time for the development of skills for professionals in the sector, in relation to the themes addressed.

Art residencies have braved with a certain resilience the successive crises that we have been experiencing since 2020. While the Covid crisis has forced public spaces to temporarily close their doors, art residency structures have built new programmes, prepared new approaches and laid the foundations for new collaborations. In 2022, the Reflecting Residencies #2 programme is enriched by the reflections raised by the last two years and will evolve around four main issues:

  • Given that young artists have been particularly affected by the crisis, how do residencies continue to support the emerging art scene?
  • Much as research laboratories, residencies are places of experimentation where artistic work processes are able to develop in an interdisciplinary manner. How do residencies establish the conditions for this experimentation?
  • The European area is witnessing the development of numerous artist residencies, whose functioning differs as much as the status and remuneration practices of artists in the different countries. What professional developments are currently taking place in Europe?
  • What are the prospects for art residencies developed internationally in a post-pandemic context?

Lastly, an information point will offer, in parallel to the round-table discussions, an insight into the professional tools being developed or recently developed, which contribute to the professional structuring of the visual arts sector.

The symposium will take place at Le Carreau du temple in Paris on June 2 and 3, but it will also be possible to attend online free via Zoom. You can find the complete program here.

Simultaneous translation will be available on the 3rd of June in French <> English (GB). The day of the 2nd of June will be in French only.The symposium is open to all, prior registration is required.

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