Open Call for two residencies at Earthwise Residency

Open Call for two residencies at Earthwise Residency

Each residency is for two collaborating working partners: One artist and one researcher/specialist. Deadline: 1 November, 2022 2022

The more-than-human is the focus of the two Curious Encounters at Earthwise, because the organisers think that more interdisciplinary work is needed in this field. They believe that the climate emergency is caused by industrialized societies having forgotten that Planet Earth is not just ‘resources’ for humans to utilize and grab. Collaborations across science and art can propose new ways to understand other species and the more-than-human with whom we share this planet.

Earthwise Residency focuses on research and practices, which heightens our sensitivity, knowledge, and methods for consciously reweaving our human lives with the myriad of relations and interdependencies we all rely on. We are interested in communication with the living world and the animal kingdom, and in developing creative work that situates and enhances curiosity, intimacy, and encounters with the more-than-human, while at the same time exploring corresponding academic research through artistic lenses. The two residencies Curious Encounters is an active contribution to the paradigm shifts occurring right now. They believe that interdisciplinary meetings – the meeting and mixing of aesthetics, humanities, and sciences – hold the possibility to foster new thoughts, and rediscover ancient knowledge as well as new paths for action.

Each residency is for two collaborating working partners: One artist and one researcher / specialist. The interdisciplinary collaboration between artist and researcher should aim to address the theme of multispecies relations and the more-than-human. The residencies will take place at Earthwise Residency, Mols, Denmark.

They are looking for performing artists and visual artists with an interest in time-based work and performance who (preferably) already have contact or ongoing collaboration with a researcher. However, they also encourage artists or researchers, who are looking for a collaborator to apply, as they may curate teams by paring up persons. Therefore, they also encourage scientific researchers to apply, and they may pair you up. Applicants must have a genuine interest in interdisciplinary approaches, and preferably some experience of working with the-more-than-human.  

  • The researcher/specialist should be actively engaged in research processes and hold a master’s degree, preferably a Ph.D. degree. The researcher/specialist may have a background in the Humanities, Social Sciences or STS.
  • The artist must pursue the theme of more-than-human through primarily visual or performing arts. They encourage both emerging/upcoming artists as well as mid-career artists to apply.  

Age is of no importance. If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria for the residency or have further queries or questions, please email them.

Residency periods:

  • The first residency will take place from January 9th – February 19th, 2023.
  • The second residency will take place from appr. April 17th – May 29th, 2023 (dates can be negotiated).

Earthwise provides:

  • Working space (writing tables, as well as a small studio space, and lots of outdoor space)
  • Accommodation in private rooms in a house shared with Earthwise volunteers
  • Space for partners/children can be negotiated
  • Access to a rich library w/ relevant titles
  • Access to the other facilities of Earthwise
  • Dialogue and conversations with Earthwise’s host, and possibly other respondents
  • A stipend of 1.800 € for each of the two persons
  • A small budget for materials.

They do not cover travel (international nor domestic), but can provide information on possible funding options, as well as make an official invitation to ease your travels across borders. Earthwise has a consequent and friendly approach to sustainable choices, including travelling and can advise travel options with a smaller CO2-footprint. Should air travel be unavoidable They encourage you to support a trustworthy tree planting project.

During each residency period, the two residents are asked to:

  • Hold 1-2 dissemination events or ‘artist/researcher talks’ for the local community.
  • Participate in their next Earthbound Symposium in 2023.

You may be invited to do other presentations within our network, perhaps online.
Earthwise will make a detailed contract with the residents.

If you are interested, please send them a joint application including:

  • A short biography from both artist and researcher (max 500 characters each)
  • A text about why you are interested in the residency, what you would work on and how your work relates to the focus of Curious Encounters; the more-than-human, etc. (max 2400 characters/1 page)

If you are an artist looking for a scientific collaborator, you are more than welcome to send an independent application, and they may be able to pair you with a fitting collaborator. Your application should also contain your biography.

If you are a scientific researcher / specialist, the same is valid as stated above.
If you are applying as an artist-researcher collaboration, please also write a part of the one-page together about your preliminary plans for the residency period.

* Please state whether you are an emerging or mid-career artist.

** Please state which residency period you can attend (if both are possible, let themknow)

The deadline is November 1st, 2022, for both residencies. E-mail your proposal to Earthwise’s coordinator Natasja Lundehøj Hedegaard at [email protected] no later than the deadline.

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