Buinho AIR in Portugal

Buinho AIR in Portugal

Buinho AIR is directed to creatives from different disciplines giving the opportunity to live and work in the small town of Messejana for three months.

Buinho was established in 2015 in the town of Messejana, with the status of a non-profit cultural association. The MIT-accredited fablab provides access to a vast variety of digital manufacturing equipment as 3D printers, laser cutter, or CNC Mill, and the specialized support provided by our staff which enables visiting artists to further expand the boundaris of their artistic research.

Buinho is more than just a fablab where private accommodation, working studios, Precious Plastic workspace and machine shop, and daily production support, all within a creative residency program are offered for artists and writers from different disciplines. The proximity of the residency program to the local community and local heritage is another of its distinguishing factors. Among other initiatives, Buinho offers a weekly cultural program promoted together with members of the local community.

Opportunities for artists to engage with the organization's educational programs are also offered. All AIR residents have the possibility to organize an open studio event open to the general public. Buinho is the ideal place for those who want to adopt a more experimental attitude in their creative practice. The AIR program is designed and implemented by professionals with years of experience in cultural institutions and similar programs. Buinho AIR is a space of experimentation but also of social transformation, contributing to the increase of the attractiveness of rural territories.

As the outcome of the program, a final presentation is displayed during an open studio, where the local community has an opportunity to meet with the artists and provide feedback on their work.


Artists and writers interested in participating should send by email ([email protected]) a short curriculum, portfolio, and description of the project/work to be developed during the residency.

Applications are open until 14 November 2021, which will be evaluated by a curatorial committee and will take into consideration the following parameters:

  • artistic quality;
  • relevance of the project;
  • motivation of the candidate.

Writers, researchers, and curators don't require the sending of a portfolio but should send small essays or writing samples that should not exceed 20 pages.

Buinho usually favours projects that involve engagement with the local community or Messejana's distinctive heritage and landscape. Traditional visual artists that develop art research in the field of digital fabrication are also particularly encouraged.

The AIR program values multidisciplinarity, thus creatives from different backgrounds, media, and experience are welcome. Emerging artists that seek opportunities for international visibility and curriculum are also particularly supported. Nevertheless, it is expected to have the level of scrutiny of the portfolio's quality is proportionate to the artist's experience.

For more information please visit the website or simply send an email to [email protected], and download the application guidelines here.