Open Call for Residency at Bulegoa z/b

Open Call for Residency at Bulegoa z/b

The call is designed for artists or researchers from any discipline who wish to use the space of Bulegoa z/b and the resources available for their work.

Bulegoa zenbaki barik is an office for art and knowledge located in the Solokoetxe district of Bilbao. It is an initiative created around a shared interest in issues such as critical pedagogical practices, situated knowledge and collaborative methodologies; feminisms and the decolonial perspective; processes of historicization, cultural translation; and social transformation, and its relation to art.

By the residency at Bulegoa z/b, it is aimed to facilitate the production of art and knowledge at different stages and levels. The residency, which is open to artists and researchers, will last for a month and include space and discursive and financial resources.

Bulegoa z/b has a 85 sqm space, with four large windows which open up a dialogue with the space outside. The space is located in a pedestrian area of Solokoetxe, and has been used for concerts, talks, ephemeral exhibitions, and site-specific actions. Bulegoa z/b is not only a physical space; it is also a context, or a place to set up encounters between different areas of thought and creation. The residency includes two public activities proposed by the resident, to be included in the Bulegoa z/b programme for 2022.

The Bulegoa z/b residency will provide:

  • A month stay at the Bulegoa z/b space.
  • Fee of 1.000 €.
  • 500 € (maximum) for travel expenses and accommodation. Otherwise Bulegoa z/b will provide lodging.
  • 200 € (maximum) for production of the chosen activity plus costs derived from adapting the production to a public event format.
  • Logistic and discursive support for the organisation of public activities within the Bulegoa z/b programme for 2022.
  • Dissemination of the activities, support with presentation and mediation of the project in the local art context.

Application Guidelines

  • Portfolio of the project to be carried out during the residency (PDF, 10 pages maximum).
  • Short statement of motivation (PDF, 1 page maximum).
  • Up to date CV.
  • Contact information (email, telephone no.)

All material should be in a single PDF file (5Mb maximum) titled NAME_SURNAME_RESIDENCIA.PDF sent via the online form before 25 May 2022. Visit their website for more information.

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