Open Call at KAMEN Artist Residency

Open Call at KAMEN Artist Residency

KAMEN Artist Residency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a program for artistic research and art production, located in the rural valley by the Bileća lake.

KAMEN provides the opportunity for artists to live and work in proximity with one another while engaging in collaborative or solo projects. They are interested in the exchange between people, ideas, methodologies and disciplines, in connection with the region in which we are located. KAMEN aims to be a place for learning from nature, history, daily practice and each other. As well, KAMEN is suitable as a place for retreat, experimentation, studio work, research or writing, and spending time with a specific focus.

KAMEN welcomes artists, curators, academics, etc. across a wide range of specializations, disciplines and practices – especially those engaged in artistic experimentation. Residents of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and genders are welcome, at different stages of their career. The duration of the residency is 7 weeks between May and October 2022.

The residency building consists of two floors with four private living areas, four studios and communal spaces. As well, there are a number of half-open outdoor working spaces around the residency building. They host a maximum of 4 residents at a time, allowing every resident plenty of private space.

KAMEN assists residents in making meaningful connections and engaging in intercultural collaborations with their existing diverse network of partners, collaborators and contacts, as appropriate to each resident’s particular interests.

KAMEN is not outcome-oriented and the residency projects are not obliged to any determined output. However, it is desired for the residents to hold a presentation near the end of their stay, as an opportunity to share their work or process with an audience.

KAMEN provides
●   Pick-up from the airport in Dubrovnik and welcome dinner
●   Project assistance, translation, communication, and support
●   Strategic introductions to local partners, practitioners and contacts
●   Facilitation of a presentation of work
●   Excursions to places of interests
●   Wireless internet
●   Produce from the garden
●   All housing needs and utilities
●   Basic studio and multi-media supplies

If needed for e.g. travel grants or visa applications, an official letter of invitation can be provided by KAMEN. They also offer assistance in applying for external grants.

For a 7-week residency period, the total fee is €2.100. Besides the fee, the resident must cover their travel expenses, groceries and working materials.


Applications are accepted in Serbo-Croatian, English and Dutch and may only be submitted electronically.
A complete application should contain the following:

  • Personal information: name, age, nationality, living address, phone number, e-mail address, picture.
  • Preferred time of residency: Please specify which of the following time blocks is of your choice:
    • May 1 - June 19
    • July 1 - August 19
    • September1 - October 20 (Please specify if multiple options are possible, or if an alternative period is desired.)
  • A project proposal. If applicable, also include a preliminary idea for a public presentation or possible outcome (max. 2 pgs.)
  • Artist statement, short biography and C.V. (max. 2 pgs.)
  • A brief letter of motivation considering the location of Bosnia-Herzegovina and/or modus operandi of KAMEN (max. 1 pg.)
  • If applicable: a brief description of local collaborators/partner institutions of interest (max. 1 pg.)
  • PDF portfolio that gives an overview of the development of work over the last 5 years
  • Links to online works

Please send all materials in PDF format to [email protected] by 1 February 2022. If this exceeds 10 MB, please use Wetransfer or other similar services for file transfer. For more information, please visit their website.

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