Open Call: Deaf Artists Residency 2022

Open Call: Deaf Artists Residency 2022

Anderson Center at Tower View is now accepting applications for their Deaf Artists Residency Program 2022.

The Anderson Center provides residencies each year to enable artists, writers, musicians, and performers of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment to create, advance, or complete work. There are typically 5 residents at the Anderson Center at a time, and the organization hosts approximately 35-40 residents each year.

The program is one of the largest of its kind in the Upper Midwest. Since the Center opened in 1995, over 800 artists from 45 states and 40 countries have participated in the program. Residents have come from countries including Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, and Uganda.

The Anderson Center’s Deaf Artists Residency (DAR) is an ASL-centric environment where Deaf artists can communicate and exchange ideas. For the 2022 season, the Anderson Center is offering month-long residencies in June. The program provides 5 Deaf artists the opportunity to come together to live, work and share ideas with other native ASL signers, while advancing their own personal artistic projects.

Because the program is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, only Deaf artists based in the United States of America are eligible to participate.

A completed application form includes a brief artist statement, a work plan, work samples, and a resume or CV. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed by the panel. You may begin your application, leave and return as many times as necessary to complete the form prior to clicking the submit button at the bottom of the completed form. Important: do not submit your application form until you are completely finished editing as your application will be finalized at that time. If you are a prior resident of the Anderson Center, you must wait one season/year from the time of your residency to apply again.


The Resume, CV, or Biographical Statement is a Word or PDF document that shows education, work experience, publications, awards, and previous residency experience. 3 pages maximum.

The Work Plan is a one page Word or PDF document that clearly and concisely describes what you are working on and what you’d like to accomplish at the Anderson Center. Successful applicants address how the timing and location of the residency, as well as the opportunity to live/work in a community of ASL signers, would benefit their practice. Artists may also mention how specific amenities or resources at the Anderson Center (such as the surrounding natural environment, specific studio spaces or equipment) would advance their work. The statement can be single-spaced.

Work Samples should be of recent work and should include:
· For composers and musicians: 3 to 5 recordings
· For visual artists: At least 5 images of work (300 dpi or larger)
· For nonfiction and fiction writers: 10 pages of double-spaced prose
· For playwrights & screenwriters: 20-page excerpt (does not need to be from the beginning)
· For poets: 10 pages of poetry
· For translators: 10 pages of translation and original text
· For performance artists: 3 short videos excerpts of performances (no videos longer than 5 minutes)
· For filmmakers: at least 3 short film clips (no videos longer than 5 minutes)
· For Scholars: 10 pages of work, including research abstracts and relevant diagrams

The application deadline for the 2022 Anderson Center Deaf Artists Residency Program is Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Applications must be submitted on or before the deadline in order to be considered in the jury review period. There is no fee for applying to this residency program.

To be considered, artists must submit an application through the Anderson Center’s online form via Submittable. Visit their Submittable page for complete program details. For application questions, please contact Adam Wiltgen via email at [email protected].

Jury review will take place in late January and early February. Selected artist residents, wait-list and runners-up will be notified by March 2, 2022 at the latest.

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