MANIFEST - Call for artists


MANIFEST - Call for artists

MANIFEST seeks to engage with diverse artists for whom the topic of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people has a special interest or motivation

MANIFEST is a project whose Artistic Journey is carefully designed to empower artists to re-imagine the perspectives and the history of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people on the European continent and its existing cultural traces.

MANIFEST seeks to engage with diverse artists for whom the topic of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people has a special interest or motivation. All artistic forms of expression are welcome. You can apply as an individual, or as an artistic group or collective. Groups or collectives can be up to a maximum of three participants per group. All participants will need to co-create with MANIFEST’s partners and be willing to collaborate with others. The selected artists will create artworks that promote a creative look into our past and have the potential to reshape our collective memory.

The Artistic Journey takes place at two residencies. It starts at the historical art space of Zsennye Palace near Budapest and continues in Lisbon, with additional extended reality (XR) workshops in Copenhagen for a selected number of artists that will be working with these mediums. In parallel to the Artistic Journey, MANIFEST will support with solid, documented research contributions about the social traces of this trade, as well as associated material and immaterial heritage. An online Resources Center will collect and communicate this information.

The Artistic Journey will close with a Final Event in Nantes – a city filled with vestiges of its slave-trading past. It will be an opportunity to host the Award Ceremony for the residency creators and to use the artworks to catalyse and engage social debate on the topic.

MANIFEST is co-funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe Programme and will run until November 2024. MANIFEST is implemented by an experienced consortium led by Khora, an Extended Reality (XR) production studio and learning space based in Copenhagen, Denmark, joined by Les Anneaux de la Mémoire, France’s leading association working with the history and heritage of the Atlantic trade of enslaved people and colonial enslavement; Pro Progressione, a Budapest-based artistic hub specialising in international cultural collaborations; Gerador, an independent Portuguese platform for journalism, culture and education; and CUMEDIAE, a Brussels-based international non-profit agency providing consultancy services for Europe’s Cultural and Creative Industries. The consortium’s Advisory Board consists of scientific experts and civil society representatives to ensure the project’s historical and scientific integrity, and the Artistic Committee, whose members will seek to guarantee the quality of the selected artworks.


  • Applicants that are legal residents in the countries within the Creative Europe framework (eligible countries including Overseas Countries and Territories and Outermost Regions of the European Union)
  • Artist groups or collectives (up to a maximum of three artists) or individuals may apply. If you are a group or a collective, please submit a single application under the name of the collective

What the organisers provide:

  • Exposure through MANIFEST’s dissemination and engagement activities, such as newsletters, announcements, networking and events, social media, video and photo documentation, and general promotion of MANIFEST’s work through its large partner network. Selected artists will also be invited to an exhibition opportunity at the Final Event in Nantes.
  • A cross-border and cross-disciplinary opportunity for exchange and artistic enrichment with fellow artists across Europe, including activities and study visits with partners and collaborators
  • Artist development support and in-depth knowledge of MANIFEST’s core topics, provided by experts and specialists and facilitation by artistic supervisors, academic researchers, and production partners.
  • Potential additional benefits resulting from dissemination activities such as art venue fees and contributions
  • Honorarium (3000 EUR in total) for attending all MANIFEST residencies, events, and activities
  • Access to a 1000 EUR budget for conceptual activities, supporting materials per artwork and additional, significant production support from partners for AR, VR, and digital media development.
  • Three awards (each of 3500 EUR) for three selected art projects* at the Final Event. Teams receive the same prize, with no adjustment for the number of members. *Please note that if selected, art collectives will need to choose one member to receive the funds if they are not incorporated as an LLC or other legal entity.
  • Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses for artists at all MANIFEST events

All applicants must submit the following documents in English via the online application form, with deadline 27 November 2022:

  • A project proposal (min. 1000 words), including
    • Personal Statement
    • Synopsis of the project idea and how it is connected to the memories of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people
    • Communication and distribution goals and desires
    • Anticipated material needs
  • Link to applicant’s website and/or submission of selected work samples
  • Curriculum vitae (or CVs of all members if applying as a collective or a group)
  • All submissions must be sent digitally through the Application Form

To apply as a collective/group:

  • Give a name to your group (e.g. Art Collective Nantes)
  • Fill out the “Name of your group” field in the Application Form
  • Upload all the relevant documents for each member (personal statements, selected works, CVs – including legal residency)
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