Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay Performing Arts Residency (Singapore)

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Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay Performing Arts Residency (Singapore)

The fully-funded residency aims to support creative research in contemporary performing arts. Deadline: April 30, 2023.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay invites artists, curators, programmers, writers, researchers and practitioners across all disciplines in the performing arts to apply for the Contemporary Performing Arts Research Residency, taking place in Singapore between April and June 2024. In its second cycle, the Contemporary Performing Arts Research Residency is an artistic research development programme by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore.

The fully-funded residency aims to support creative research in contemporary performing arts by providing its residents with the time and space for artistic inquiry, experimentation, development, research activities and opportunities for interdisciplinary and transcultural dialogues. The residency welcomes various manners and methodologies of enquiry, embracing a pluralistic approach towards research that unfolds not only through the written word, but also includes forms of experimentation with the body, performed moments, and other non-traditional systems of knowledge.

There is no commitment for residents to create a production during or after the residency. Instead, residents will be asked to present at least one public programme of their choosing, developed in conversation with the Esplanade Team.

The residency is a duration of between one month to three months long and residents will receive a stipend, access to a shared-working space, and studios when required, as well as accommodation and international travel to or from Singapore, if from abroad.

There will be biennial open calls held for applications to the residency and each cycle will revolve around a thematic focus conceived to respond to current critical issues in our society. In 2024, the residency presents the thematic focus of Decentring Access.

Residents are chosen through a selection panel comprising leading international curators, programmers, academics, artists and managers. They have been appointed based on their thought-provoking practices, dynamic networks with practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines and their invaluable knowledge of the performing arts across Singapore, Asia and beyond. The Selection Panel will also serve as interlocutors in the programme’s development and be available as consultants for all residents.

A term frequently used in conversations revolving around healthcare, education, and universally designed and accessible spaces, the thematic focus Decentring Access aims to engage the term’s multiple definitions and usages in all contexts and facilitate nuance into access-related discussions. Engaging with the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion, the residency seeks to support research projects that employ performativity as a lens to examine pertinent issues today. These topics are not limited to equity, inclusivity in physical and digital worlds, movement, ownership, climate crisis, power relations, age, gender, race, disability, language and knowledge circulation.

These impulses also endeavour to investigate the intersectional confluences of thinking about access in social, cultural, economic, practical, regulatory, institutional and technological spheres, and understand access needs as coming from plural and decentralised ways of knowing and experiencing the world.

The residency welcomes proposals that complement and interpret the conceptual lines of the thematic focus alongside the applicant’s artistic practice and interest.

Apply now. Open Call Applications close on 30 April 2023, Sun (11:59pm, GMT+8).

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