Open Call for the Paul Deiters Stipendium 2023: residency at NAIRS

Open Call for the Paul Deiters Stipendium 2023: residency at NAIRS

Stokroos Foundation offers a residency opportunity for artists and designers based in the Netherlands

Stokroos Foundation was founded by Paul (P.A.H.M.) Deiters (1952-2017). His love for people, nature and art inspired him to contribute to a better world. In order to do justice to Paul Deiters' interest in art, design and nature, but also to his love for the Engadine region in Switzerland, the Stokroos Foundation has established the Paul Deiters Stipendium, intended for artists or designers who want to do a residency at NAIRS in Scuol, Switzerland, in the Engadine.

NAIRS, founded in 2005, connects rural Engadine with contemporary Swiss and international art. The Engadine has been a favorite destination for artists from various disciplines: Herman Hesse, Gustav Mahler, Thomas Mann, Alberto Giacometti, Ferdinand Hodler, all of whom regularly stayed in the Engadine for short or longer periods. Even today, the Engadine is a region with a lot of cultural activity, such as the Engadin Art Talks, the Fundaziun Not Vital, Hotel Castell in Zuoz and several galleries. As an art gallery, NAIRS organizes exhibitions of Swiss and international contemporary art, in addition to various cultural events and colloquia. As a cultural center in the Engadine, NAIRS deals with culture, cultural production and issues affecting the region from Roman times to the present. With the international artist-in-residence programme, NAIRS acts as an artist's house for short or longer stays. The foundation promotes dialogue and collaboration between different art forms. The focus is on the visual arts, but residencies are also offered in the fields of music, literature, theatre, dance and science.

Within this stimulating environment, the Stokroos Foundation offers a residency where artists or designers can work on their own project or conduct research at the intersection of art, design and nature. The resident has access to his own studio of 15 square meters with adjoining living space, suitable for one person, and is based on full board. NAIRS is responsible for further practical and substantive supervision of the residency; it is important that the residents develop initiatives to shape the content of their stay.

For whom
The Paul Deiters Stipendium for a residency at NAIRS can be awarded to visual artists or designers living and working in the Netherlands with at least three years of professional work experience and whose work or the formulated principles show that the relationship between art and nature is or can be of great importance for their art practice. Applications from duos and collectives cannot easily be considered due to the limited space at NAIRS.

Those interested in the Paul Deiters Stipendium can apply by submitting an application via the application form on the website. The application consists of a motivation letter, a concise CV (2 A4) and a selection of a maximum of ten images of recent work. The selection committee assesses the quality of motivation and work to date and selects candidates based on their fit with the NAIRS profile, the specific identity of the Engadine and the likely impact of the residency on their practice.

Amount and working period
The residency offered through the Paul Deiters Stipendium runs from 1 July to 30 September 2023. The stipend amounts to a total of € 12,000. This includes the costs for accommodation and supervision, which are paid directly to NAIRS by Stokroos. The remaining amount of € 5,000 is at the disposal of the resident as a contribution towards material costs, additional costs for local living and the outward and return journey.

Application process
The deadline for submitting a motivation letter with attachments is September 23, 2022. A jury appointed by the Stokroos Foundation will invite a limited number of candidates for further acquaintance, which will take place on October 14th, 2022. The Paul Deiters Stipendium 2022 will be awarded as soon as possible thereafter. The jury consists of Jan Deiters, Kees Flore, Annelie Musters and Marit Westerhuis.

You find the application form and more info about the stipend on the website.


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