Art & Science: IRB Barcelona AiR 2023

Art & Science: IRB Barcelona AiR 2023

They look for artists with an interest in science who wish to further their art by working alongside their scientists. Deadline: 31 January 2023.

Art and scientific research have several things in common. Artists and researchers investigate the nature of our presence in the world, push boundaries in knowledge and technology, and venture into the unexplored. The questions our researchers study naturally provide inspiration for artistic inquiry, which in turn can offer a fresh perspective on the scientific endeavour. Both disciplines require creativity, curiosity, and imagination, combined with scrutiny, technique and determination.

IRB is a Barcelona-based biomedical research centre that works to achieve a society free of diseases. Their mission is to carry out multidisciplinary research of excellence to offer pioneering solutions to unresolved medical needs in cancer and other diseases linked to ageing. Their research results reach patients through technology transfer, which is accomplished by establishing collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry and the main hospitals.

They are also committed to knowledge. To this end, we offer the best training in biomedical sciences to young researchers, students and visitors, and maintain an open dialogue with citizens through a range of scientific communication and outreach activities.

IRB Barcelona's Artist in Residency Programme aims to connect artists with an interest in interdisciplinary science with the wide range of research, scientists, data and infrastructure available at the Institute. It provides a unique opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in the IRB Barcelona community for a free exchange of ideas and to explore, learn, and form relationships with our scientists and stakeholders. The programme seeks to provide time and space for reflection and inspiration for artists and scientists alike.

They look for professional artists, with a genuine interest in science who wish to further their art by working alongside our scientists to gain insight and perspective into cutting-edge research in the biomedical sciences. Applications from artists from any discipline are welcome.

Proposals should be focused on a specific theme involving interactions with their researchers, which cover a wide range of disciplines within the life sciences


The Artist in Residence will be expected to define the details (duration, specific topic of the project, researchers involved, etc.) of the residency with the IRB Barcelona Coordination Team at the beginning of the residency. Furthermore, the artist is expected to:

  • Provide a written proposal of the final idea of his/her artwork after 6 months of the start of the residency.
  • Coordinate and meet regularly with the IRB Barcelona Coordination Team.
  • Establish dialogue with scientists and researchers at IRB Barcelona, with the support and guidance of the IRB Barcelona Coordination Team.
  • Give a talk and/or workshop during the residency
  • The artist is expected to develop artwork resulting from the residency that will be exposed in a previously agreed exhibition space.
  • The developed artwork must be based entirely on the IRB Barcelona residency.
  • The developed artwork will be presented in a public exhibition within one year after the completion of the residency.
  • The artistic interpretation and representation of the materials provided by IRB
  • Barcelona and made by the artist belong to the artist. The artist will retain legal title and ownership of the artwork created with the materials.
  • In the event that the artist obtains benefits from the commercial exploitation of his/her artwork, IRB Barcelona will be entitled to receive a percentage of said benefits, to be agreed upon in writing.
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