AiR with family/partners at C4CS in Croatia

AiR with family/partners at C4CS in Croatia

Open call for artists who can bring a family member(s) or partners to reside together.

It is aimed to avoid suffering from separation when the artist is working on the project, and creating and environment where they can relax and enjoy living and working together. This can bring encouragement and warmness, house atmosphere and cosines to artistic endeavour. At the same time, art works and research can be done without the need to look for extra funding to support living, without being separate from the family members, partners, etc.

The residency is running under the Platform for Transdisciplinary Practices program 2021- 2022 in Lovinac, Croatia. The program is run by Culture and Education Association. Artist can arrive as early as 1 December 2021 and leave as late as 1 December 2022.

The organization provides

  • 6/12 months residency;
  • travel costs (budget travel for two people);
  • basic living costs (food, accommodation, pocket money);
  • equipment at the residency space (basic digital sound equipment, video camera, DIY electronics and tools, etc. );

Residents are expected to be 

  • flexible, well-intended and can support the mission;
  • proactive and independent
  • able to express in transdisciplinary manner, have environment and ecology in mind, use range of media, love to explore and experiment;
  • volunteering in the association;
  • able to deliver a potential presentation and artist talk at local gallery, local radio station, podcast, etc.
  • under 30 years of age from EU, car or other vehicle is a plus.

Deadline for application is 26 November 2021 at 12:00. Applications must consist of one PDF with:

  • CV - 300 words max;
  • Motivation – 500 words max;
  • Project or artistic venture, idea, proposal or research idea and methods of execution – 500 words max;
  • Max. 3 direct links to previous projects/research (sound, video, photos, blog entries, etc)

For more information and questions visit their website or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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