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a-n also lists publications and manuals about AiR and cultural mobility, mainly in the UK.



Networks, platforms and mappings - Europe

Networks, platforms and mappings - Europe


Circus and street arts - Artistic residency centres in Belgium

Circus and street arts - Artistic residency centres in Belgium, Circostrada Network, 2010 - in French only.


196 residencies in France

196 residencies in France from the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) is a practical guide to residencies for artists, curators, critics, art theorists and art historians. Guide is in English.

223 Résidences d’arts visuels en France

223 Résidences d’arts visuels en France from the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) is an updated guide with over 220 programs in visual arts and curating.
The guide also includes a model of contract between artist and organisation (according to French law and standards, but very handy as model in other context), interviews and resources. The guide is in French only, but it is useful to explore the French visual art scene.

Arts en résidence - Réseau national

The Arts en résidence - Réseau national association aims to map and to connect national artist in residencies, amongst other arts initiatives.

Circus and street arts - Artistic residency centres in France

Circus and street arts - Artistic residency centres in France, Circostrada Network, 2010. The guide is in French only.

Host an Artist

Host an Artist is an online exchange platform for property owners and artists. Owners of summer houses, bungalows, apartments,warehouses, empty offices can share their space with artists as temporary artistic residencies. In exchange for this hosting, artists will offer a work of art, an original work, singing or painting lessons, a private concert or any other art form to create a unique link between themselves and their hosts. The platform mainly lists French residences, but also offers a few international ones.

Finland provides information on the Finnish artist-in-residence field for both artists and organisations. It shares information about artists’ opportunities to work in Finland or elsewhere in the world. The website also works as a platform for the exchange of ideas; Finnish residencies can post their own content on the site. Furthermore, the website collects research on issues related to residencies and artists’ mobility.

Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation
Since 1950's the Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation has promoted the opportunities of Finnish artists to work abroad, with it's own studio houses in Spain and Italy. FASF also maintains a database of all Artist-in-Residence programmes of Finland.


Mapping of AiR centers in Germany

Mapping of AiR centers in Germany, Goethe Institute

Touring Artists
Touring artists, an information portal for artists working internationally, provides comprehensive information on visas/residence, transport/customs, taxes, social security, other insurances, and copyright. Through a joint project of the German Center of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) and the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK; English: International Association of Art (IAA) in Germany), these topics have been examined for both the performing arts and the visual arts.

Italy - AIR is a platform dedicated to residency programs in Italy and abroad for artists and curators. AIR collects information on Italian residences, indicates "how to apply" conditions for participation, contacts the coordinators and facilitates the identification of particular features of each program.


The Guide to International Artist Residencies in Luxembourg has been published by l’Agence luxembourgeoise d’action culturelle, 2015.

The Netherlands & Flanders

AiR Platform NL
AiR Platform NL is the portal to the artist-in-residence sector of the Netherlands and Flanders. The Platform gives up-to-date information about the temporary availability of work and residential spaces in guest studios in the Netherlands and Flanders. The platform works for making contacts, for the mutual exchange of information and experiences, and for the establishment of collaborations or projects.

AiR Platform Brabant
A network and platform between artist-in-residence organizations in the province of Brabant. To generate more visibility for the AIR programs, the artists, and the arts. AIR platform Brabant organizes meetings to inform, inspire and engage.

Air guide Flanders and Brussels
This guide provides a mapping of artist-in-residence programmes and workspaces in Flanders and Brussels available for local and international artists.

Nordic countries

Nordic Culture Point
Nordic Culture Point offers a database of all international art residencies in the Nordic Countries. They provide information and consultancy to professionals within the field of culture and serve as a secretariat for the framework programmes of the Nordic Ministries of Culture.


The majority of artists’ residencies programmes in Slovenia are listed on, a website supported by the Ministry of Culture, which is designed to help professionals explore possibilities for collaboration with Slovene cultural organisations.


Xarxa Prod
A network of spaces for creation and production in Catalonia

This website is an information pool and interface between artists in residence, and exchange and guest studios in Switzerland. It also offers a network for international artists in residence as well as Swiss artists, and facilitates cultural exchange in general and promotion of international and national artists exchange in particular.

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