Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse 4

Mutual AiR Impulse Russia: Hosting the hosts

Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse 4

Hosting the Hosts was the motto of the 4th and final stage of the Mutual Impulse project 2012-2013. DutchCulture| TransArtists invited Russian artist-in-residence hosts to the Netherlands, 11-15 December 2013. They were hosted by artist-in-residence centers throughout the country. Read here more about this inspiring exchange of Russian and Dutch artist-in-residence potential.

DutchCulture|TransArtists organized the 4th and last part of the project together with M4 residence, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, Buitenwerkplaats, Motel Spatie, PAIR, id11, Satellietgroep, Wander, and in connection with CreArt, the European Network of Cities for Artistic Creation.

Program summary:

Nine representatives of established and emerging Russian artist-in-residence programs first gathered on 11 December for an aquaintance meeting in Amsterdam. After this meeting, the guests were split up in small groups and hosted for two nights at five Dutch artist-in-residence programs. Their NL hosts offered them a program of visits and meetings on Thursday 12.
Gathering of Dutch hosts and Russian hosts of artist-in-residence programs at M4 Guest studio. Left: dinner at Gallery Hofland.


All hosts and guests met again on Friday 13th at DutchCulture|TransArtists in Amsterdam, for an exchange of experiences and an evaluation of the Mutual Impulse project. At the end of the day everybody travelled to The Hague, for a tour with presentations and dinner at local artist-in-residence centers, in connection with guests from the CreArt network.

Saturday 14th all participated in the all-day public CreArt seminar in Delft on the theme: Shifting Artist-in-Residence Strategies.

Being able to spend time together and to really get to know one another's contexts, on the spot, ideas and ways of operating: this was highly appreciated by all the hosts and guests. All mentioned that it was a most fruitful experience to be together, to be able to find a common vocabulary and common interests, and learn from each other. A second intention was to support each other's positions for the future; by reflecting and discussing our main convictions and strategies. And this in a wider context than the Dutch-Russian connections only. Here the seminar 'Shifting artist-in-residence Strategies' by the European wide CreArt was valuable and fruitful.

Sharing experiences











Which new artist-in-residence strategies are developed?

SHIFTING artist-in-residence STRATEGIES
CreArt Seminar December 14th, 2013, Delft
Organized by id11, DutchCulture|Trans Artists with Satellietgroep and Wander.

The CreArt seminar brought artist-in-residence programs together from the Netherlands, Europe, and Russia, to share the latest insights in artist-in-residence strategies. Some opt for interdisciplinary research, others for integrating artistic goals with commercial activities. Some focus on the specificity of their location, others try to connect to the needs of other parties.

  • Which new artist-in-residence strategies are developed?
  • What are the consequences for collaboration, programming, funding?
  • How can networks, cultural organizations, funds, and governments connect to these developments?

Read more about the Shifting Air Strategies seminar here.

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