Day 1.

Fontys Muziekzaal

10.00 hrs. Coffee&Croissant
10.15 hrs. Welcome by moderator Femke Dekker
10.20 hrs. Introduction by Ranti Tjan
10.30 hrs. Re-Framing by Dick Rijken
11.05 hrs. Arts&Crafts by Koen Brams
11.40 hrs. What is the definition of a technical workspace, panel discussion with Karin Arink, Jeroen Junte, Luuk Nouwen


13.00 hrs. Welcome by Errol van de Werdt
13.10 hrs. Launch of the platform & performance by Klangendum
13.25 hrs. Lunch
14.00 hrs. Best Practices & workshops I
15.45 hrs. Best Practices & workshops II
17.00 hrs. Outcomes I+II
17.30 hrs. Report of the day
17.45 hrs. Drinks

Day 2.


10.30 hrs. Coffee&croissant
10.45 hrs. Welcome by Femke Dekker
10.50 hrs. Image of Crafts by Cornel Bierens
11.20 hrs. Public discussion
11.45 hrs. Working groups I
13.00 hrs. Lunch
14.00 hrs. Working groups II
15.30 hrs. Working groups III
17.00 hrs. Outcomes I+II+III
17.45 hrs. Report of the day
18.00 hrs. Drinks


Meeting: Top Gemaakt

Meeting: Top Gemaakt

TOP MADE Symposium is the festive launch of the platform for technical workspaces for artists and designers (of any discipline) in Holland and Flanders. ‘The making’ of things gained a lot of interest with a general public and in the art field: from 3D-prints to bio-screen-printing to hackathon. While artists and designers explore new concepts of making, technical workspaces develop facilities and expertise for experiment and production. Technical workspaces create connections between art and design, between traditional and new techniques, between makers and principals from science and business. With unforeseen applications as a result.

>What is the cultural relevance of technical workspaces?
>Are poetry and experiment conditions for product innovation?
>How are traditional and new skills and knowledge shared?

Along these lines Top Made highlighted the array of technical workspaces in Holland and Flanders in all their diversity. While the first day focused on lectures and Best Practice presentations, the second day organizers took subjects further in working groups and workshops. Day 3 the technical workspaces in the Netherlands and Flanders opened for the general public.


For whom?
Artists, designers, architects and everyone occupied with visual art, design, architecture in cultural policies, education, governments and funds. Environmental organizations and companies who are curious as to what a technical workspace can offer in relation to the development of prototypes and innovative processes are much welcomed.

By whom?
Top Made is organised by the studios Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier, [email protected], Beeldenstorm and Frans Masereel Centrum in collaboration with DutchCultre|TransArtists, the Textile Museum and the network of 28 studios in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Platform web
For more information about the program including the speakers and workshops please have a look at


Read the full report about the symposium including the lectures at the website of Platform Werkplaatsen here.



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