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no. 24 / On Love

courtship display

Centuries have passed but the battle between the sexes still rages on in the documentary-style installation by Brian Barista. The work contrasts and compares the difference in opinion between men and women reflecting on modern and traditional beliefs regarding the topic of courtship.

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This project will be ongoing past its exhibition date at Emmedia . Artist-in-residence Brian Batista invites singles willing to share unique experiences on camera to.

Don Quijote morse code

In the winter of 2005, from one of the windows of the TetteRode on Da Costakade, Amsterdam, has been read in morse with a red lamp, El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha of Cervantès. This continuous reading of the integrality of the book lasted forty days as a monologous talk facing the world. There the french artist J.-B. Ganne used the empty studio space of M4gastatelier as an amplifier. This studio became a tool for language instead of being the space for work or show. The concequence was that one can not work in this studio, but had to let the studio itself work for him. On the front of this building full of studios where people works, one studio worked on its own.

love / fences / nests

  • What: American Jewish Museum's
  • three-part artist-in-residence program 2009. In this program the artists each participate consecutively in a three-month residency presenting multi-media installations. They set up studios in the AJM gallery and complete their installations while working in the museum, which are open to the public.

The animation "Falling In" (still above) by resident Ally Reeves is a synergistic happening between her and members of the community. During the first phase of the exhibition, participants will share with her their stories about falling in love. Reeves will then transform the narratives into illustrations and Flash animations as the basis for the exhibition. Interpreting participants' personal stories, Reeves will explore how cartoons and animation use both representational and abstract visual language and messages to narrate the human condition. "Falling In" is a synthesis of low-tech social engagement, new media techniques, performance and installation.

In the salt mines

In the summer of 1818 Stendhal took a recreational trip to the salt mines of Hallein near Salzburg. Here he discovered the phenomenon of salt crystallization and compares it to the birth of love:" What I call crystallization is the operation of the mind that draws from all that presents itself the discovery that the loved object has some new perfections."

There, in the city of Salzburg, Salzburger Kunstverein offers a studio for artists free of charge for a period of between one and three months. The artist supplies one piece of work created in Salzburg free of charge to the city. Travel, accommodation and material costs are not covered by the city of Salzburg.

from the writer's desk

John Barton, writer in residence: "Composing a poem, story, or essay is no different, though we may not have specific people in mind. Even if we do when writing a love poem, say, we should assume that others may be reading over their shoulders. We must consider how the words we use come across, what message, and by message I mean aesthetic experience, not information, they convey. Even the most experienced writers can find it hard to know who the audience is, what it expects, or what can be expected in return."


"It is said Heinrich Böll's love letter to the west coast of Ireland, Irisches Tagebuch (1957), brought innumerable numbers of Germans to the region in the latter part of the last century to play truant from Europe. Different, but commonly pervasive myths about the particularities of place, draw innumerable artists and cultural practitioners from all over the world to Berlin. One of the new arrivals is Ard Bia Berlin , a sister-enterprise of Ard Bia gallery in Galway, from the same region of Ireland that Böll once wrote so lovingly of, albeit now a radically different place in all meaningful regards". (source: paramnesia berlin ) This residency provides three individual live-in studio spaces within one apartment for artists or cultural practitioners.

kiss of a lifetime

Rogue Artists' Studios & Project Space is a not-for-profit, co-operative that supports visual arts practice by providing artists with accessible and affordable studios in Manchester city centre. Rogue now houses sixty artists over two floors of studios and includes Rogue Project Space, used primarily for residency and exchange projects.

One of the largest independent artists' studio groups operating in the North West, artist members range from recent graduates to established practitioners and work in a wide range of disciplines and media.

Argentine heart

The heart residency objective in La Plata, Argentina is to generate personalized, free artistic exchange.They offer a complete management service and accommodation to artists from other countries.The residency offers you a living space, workshops, gallery space, materials and helps you to make contacts.

Residencia Corazón/The Heart Residency

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