Spinoff of the GALA project

Pollinaria has been invited to mount an exhibition about its work on food, art and sustainability at the MAXXI contemporary art museum in Rome in September 2015.

Radio Instabile programme, prepared during the Pollinaria artist lab, will be broadcasted in the summer of 2015 on popular radio programmes for farmers in Italy: Radio Città and Radio C.1. Cugliano. More info on the artists' website FutureFarmers.

On the Move together with COAL (organiser of the ARTCOP21 with Cape Farewell) are associated to a publication produced by IETM especially for the ARTCOP21 on art and environment. This publication – part of the IETM series “Fresh perspectives” – aims to collect good practices from IETM members and COAL partners.

Kulturförderpunkt Berlin: On 24 June 2015, On the Move presented the Green Art Lab Alliance at the Meeting “Green Culture” Initiatives for ecological standards in the field of culture and strategies for ecological funding of cultural projects.

Artinresidence.it and FARE: DutchCulture and Pollinaria presented the GALA model in the framework of the International Meeting: Residencies as Learning Environments in Milan on June 29 and 30, 2015.


Green Art Lab Alliance: what's up, what's next ?

Green Art Lab Alliance: what's up, what's next ?

The March 2015 Green Art Lab Alliance meeting in Glasgow marked the end of a two year project spanning across Europe. After the conclusion of this final meeting, Creative Carbon Scotland asks how the partners can continue this investigation into the arts and sustainability. Read the report of the Glasgow meeting here.

Since this last partners' meeting, a few GALA activities took place and publications were disseminated. Also, some spin-offs are starting to take shape. Read more below and stay tuned via www.greenartlaballiance.eu and the related facebook page.

Cross section of a landscape, Gronsveld

Part of the artistic lab by the Jan Van Eyck Academie (NL) took place on April 19 in the form of CROSS SECTION OF A LANDSCAPE, A walk in the forest of Gronsveld with visual artist Yeb Wiersma, author Miek Zwamborn and botanist Nigel Harle. Read more about the wandering reading here.



GALA cabon emissionsGALA carbon footprint report

GALA has committed to measuring the environmental impact of its associated events, and those of the key partners. By measuring (and engaging with) these environmental impacts we hope partner organisations and participants will make more informed decisions about their travel and accommodation plans, leading to a lower environmental impact. Partner organisations are also encouraged to consult the resources of Julie’s Bicycle to understand what they can do to reduce the environmental impact of their GALA events, and broader activities.

Find the report on www.greenartlaballiance.eu


River Ecologies: Contemporary Art and Environmental Humanities on the Danube

Within the framework of GALA, Translocal (HU) organised the River School: a series of study days, workshops, symposia and exhibitions that engage with the Danube as a transforming natural environment with a long history of human intervention, a route of transnational flows and migrations, a focus for ecological concern that spills over into civic action, and a magnet for diverse artistic and cultural reflections. In April 2015, Translocal published the book River Ecologies: Contemporary Art and Environmental Humanities on the Danube as an outcome of the 2-year River School.

Edited by: Maja and Reuben Fowkes, Translocal Institute, 2015. More about the publication on translocal.org


Reflection on the GALA project: external evaluation by Judith Staines

GALA commissioned Judith Staines, freelance writer, researcher and editor to do an external evaluation of, and reflection on, the GALA project.

J.Staines analysed the GALA project, the learning process and challenges, the outcomes, results, the good practices and options for the future. In her report she gives her vision on how the arts can relate to sustainability and how the GALA project dealt with the challenges of building up a sustainable knowledge alliance.

Furthermore, she not only looks back at the achievements of the GALA project, but also includes recommendations for future projects and policymakers. It is a very useful document for anyone interested in further engagement with the subject and can serve as a tool for future collaboration projects. Read the document on the GALA website:

GALA – a gathering ground for people, creativity, ideas, knowledge and learning. A call to action on arts and sustainability (pdf, 29 pages)

GALA funding guide

The GALA funding guide is a first inventory of public and private, international, European, national, regional and local funds, calls and initiatives that can support arts and culture projects on environmental sustainability.

With this guide the GALA partners hope to help artists and cultural professionals to access funding to experiment and develop sustainability projects and facilitate future European cooperation and activities linked to sustainability and the arts. The funding schemes, resources and tips were collected by GALA partners and through an online call.

The overall research was coordinated by On the Move and supported by COAL.

Access the guide here - and share it with anyone who could be interested!


ArtCop21 presentation during partners' meeting in Glasgow

Professional workshop at ArtCop21, Paris - December 2015

In December 2015, thousands of civilian actors, climate based foundations and NGO’s will descend on Paris for COP21 – the 21st United Nations conference of climate change. The agenda of COP21 is primarily scientific and political, the question is will they achieve the necessary global agreements that will address the seriousness of the climate challenge.

ArtCOP21, initiated by COAL and Cape Farewell, will stage city-wide cultural events that address climate as a people challenge and work to create a cultural blueprint of positive and sustainable change.

GALA will be particularly associated to the Professional Workshop part of ArtCOP21, together with its partners On the Move and Julie's Bicycle. Stay tuned about the developments of ArtCop21 here.

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