Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura 2020

Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura 2020

Every year from 2020, the Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura in Switzerland will award scholarships to artists who are dedicated to three-dimensional work. Length of stay: beginning of May to the end of October. Five artists will be selected by the jury, to live and work at the CIS. The scholarship is CHF 1500.00 per month. The artists will have at their disposal a personal studio, a shared work area with a 20-ton crane and three workshops equipped with all the necessary tools and materials for work with stone (marble), wood and metal etc.

Professional 3-D artists may apply for a studio scholarship after completion of their studies at a recognised university/academy. Recommended are 1-2 years professional experience and exhibitions of their work. Three-dimensional artists with no formal education may apply if they have been working as artists for at least five years and have exhibited their works publicly (in galleries, art spaces, museums) or have been able to exhibit three of their works in a public space. There is no age limit for applicants. It can be interesting and profitable at any stage of an artist’s professional life to spend a number of months at the Centro Internazionale di Scultura in Peccia.

Each scholarship holder will have an apartment in the artists’ house which is located in the village centre of Peccia. There are six residential units in this house. Each unit has its own shower/toilet and a small kitchenette. The house also has a large kitchen and dining area for communal use. The scholarship holders are expected to cater for themselves. Internet connection is available: WLAN.

There are five studios available. These are usually awarded only once. The studios are designed as autonomous working units. The scholarship holders must be willing and capable of working independently with sculpting materials. In line with the purpose of the Foundation, the marble of Peccia is the main work material, but all other stones and other materials such as wood, metal, plaster, clay, paper etc. can also be used. There are no assistants or other workers available to help with the projects. The Centro provides the scholarship holders with a large outdoor work area with a 20-ton crane for shared use. Adjoining are three workshops with professional equipment, machines and tools for use with stone, wood and metal.

The Fondazione grants financial support of CHF 9000.00 (as at 05/2020) for each scholarship. Payment is made in monthly instalments at the beginning of each month, starting at the beginning of May of the scholarship year (6x CHF 1500.00: six monthly payments of CHF 1200.00 and the remaining CHF 1800.00 on departure, provided there are no claims on the part of the FIS.) The scholarship holders are responsible for day to day expenses in Peccia.
In addition, the Fondazione covers the stated costs of materials, up to CHF 3000.00, and pays CHF 2000.00 per scholarship holder (as at 05/2020) for transporting the works created in Peccia.

The scholarship holders are expected to pay for their own journeys to and from Peccia. Once a scholarship has been awarded, the Fondazione may, upon written request to the Management of the Fondazione, and in justified cases, pay an amount towards travel expenses.

Deadliine for applying is 31st March 2020. You can find the conditions and the application form as PDF on their website. For security reasons, only applications submitted in PDF format will be accepted. Please combine all information, texts and images in one PDF file as specified in the application details and emai them to [email protected]

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