Enter Text

Enter Text

Residency for writers, researchers and artists working with text in Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Text & research residency program at Arteles in Hämeenkyrö, Finland

: 1, 2 or 3 Months
Months: October / November / December 2021
Where: Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Research, write, experiment and study
Novels & short stories, personal studies, research & non-fiction, poetry & spoken word, comic art & graphic novels, playwriting & screenwriting, text art & calligraphy, typography & asemic writing…

Enter Text is an international residency program for writers, researchers and artists working with text. The program brings together a diverse group of writers & artists who have different approaches to using text & language in their works.

At Arteles, residents are given the freedom to create and deepen their focus in a stress-free environment; They can share ideas and approaches, form collaborations, and gain fresh perspectives to their usual practice without the pressure of producing a finalized body of work.

Time and space at the residency can also be used for concentrating on ongoing work or research, starting a new project or pausing to contemplate their practice and being. Participation in group activities is voluntary, allowing residents to withdraw into their writer's chamber anytime they want.

Late autumn, darkness & sauna
Arteles is surrounded by forests, fields and lakes, providing artists a chance to center attention on their work in a peaceful, natural environment. Thanks to Finland's 'everyman's rights', the beautiful woods may also be explored freely.

In the fall, nature turns from multitone to monotone as it is getting ready for winter. Nature is quiet and snow may come & go as temperatures change unpredictably. Days are short and nights dark – ideal conditions for journeying into the mind and for getting together in our wood-burning sauna.

All residents are allocated private bedrooms with large working desks near a window. There is shared studio space available for more social or communal ways of working, as well as a hall reserved for scheduled meditation sessions (voluntary), yoga and silent being.

Included in your stay at Arteles Creative Center:

For creative practice:
studio spaces and facilities 24 h access — facilities 
creative equipment & tools, incl. projectors, sound gear, printers, telescope etc. — list 
assistant(s) to help you with practicalities and creative work
artist promotion through our online network
artist pages in Arteles Catalogue

For everyday life:
private bedroom, incl. towels and bedlinen
(Note: There are large working desks also in the bedrooms.)
fully equipped kitchen facilities
traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
meditation / yoga space with matts, cushions & benches
residency car (with automatic gears) for getting around the region
laundry facilities

For starters:
pick-up service for arrivals and departures
orientation & introduction to get you settled in
assistance in practicalities e.g. finding the materials you need

Program fees
We offer financial aid for applicants otherwise unable to join the program.
The financial aid provided covers 40 % of the full program fee.

Contributor's fees (fees without support)
1 person: 1950 € / month
2 persons (duo): 2980 € / month

Accommodation in a private bedroom

Fees with support
1 person: 1170 € / month
2 persons (duo): 1790 € / month

Accommodation in a private bedroom

All fees include the registration fee (120 € / person - non-refundable)

More information and how to apply, go to: https://www.arteles.org/enter_text_residency.html

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