Center d'art Le Lait and Gmea Open Call

Center d'art Le Lait and Gmea Open Call

The GMEA, National Centre for Musical Creation, and Le Lait, contemporary art centre of national interest, have been established in Albi, France for more than 35 years, striving to support and disseminate contemporary art in their respective spheres. Applying a logic of cooperation and synergy, these two institutions are today offering a combined residency earmarked for artists working in the field of the sonic arts. The artist selected will have to incorporate sound/acoustic material in the development of the work or works produced, with the prospect of a presentation in the art centre’s exhibition areas. The interest of such a residency lies in pooling the resources and specific features of each of the two organizations, so as to offer the guest artist the best possible hosting and production conditions, and encourage a mix of activities, teams, and publics. After the residency, which will include, in particular, a research and production session at the GMEA, an exhibition will be held in the Le Lait contemporary art centre venue.

This residency is open to all professional artists aged over 18 and residing in Europe. The selected artist is invited to work on the development of one or more new works, which will subsequently be shown in an exhibition programmed for the Le Lait contemporary art centre. The art centre’s exhibition areas cover 150 sq.m/1600 sq.ft divided into three rooms. Located in the Hôtel Rochegude, in the heart of Rochegude Park, the rooms are equipped to accommodate audiovisual systems in particular.

The host organizations: The GMEA—Albi-Tarn National Centre for Musical Creation was founded in 1981. With eight other centres, it is part of the CNCM network so labeled by the Ministry of Culture. As a major player involved in musical creation in Occitanie, the GMEA plays host to ensembles and musicians for rehearsal, research, experimental and recording sessions.
As a pioneering organization from the 1980s onward through its participation in the emergence of art centres in France, the Le Lait contemporary art centre (Lait standing for “Laboratoire Artistique International du Tarn”), located in Albi, is a place of research and exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art, ranging from the political dimension of art to more cross-disciplinary lines of thinking, associated in particular with sonic and acoustic activity and the vernacular culture.

The two organizations will make available to the artist in residence a work space that meets his or her needs, as well as a technical and administrative team. The residency will begin at the GMEA (studios and rehearsal room), and then move to Le Lait (exhibition rooms). The residency provides:

  • An apartment and work space will be available for the selected artist.
  • Logistical and professional assistance from the GMEA and Le Lait teams will be possible, depending on the requirements of the project. Access to the work spaces (studio, workshop) will be arranged with Le Lait’s technical manager and the GMEA’s sound engineer.
  • Fee of €1500 all taxes included
  • Per diem of €500
  • Production expenses of €1500 all taxes included
  • Costs of two roundtrip tickets from the artist’s place of residence (up to €800 all taxes included in all).
  • Residency contract

The application dossier must be sent in digital format, with deadline 31st March 2020 to [email protected] in an email headed “Combined residency application”, as a single pdf document (titled : name of the artist – candidacy – 2020) of less than 5MB, or, for documents of more than 5 MB, via a download link (We transfer, Yous send it, etc), including :

  • the completed application form
  • a CV
  • a dossier including the presentation of the artistic approach ; preferably in pdf format for text and visuals, and in mp3 files for sound
  • a statement of intent explaining the basic concept of the art project to be developed during the residency (2000 char. max, in French or English), which will then be used for the exhibition.
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