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Trans Artists monthly A-I-R mail no. 20

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selection of 10 residencies focused on learning technical skills and crafts, such as printing, woodcarving, bronze foundry, calligraphy, etc. For more information on specific skills you can search our database on disciplines.

01 - USA: Blacksmithing, Clay, Fibers, Glass, Metals and Wood

The international artist in residence program at Appalachian Center for Craft is a one- to three-year appointment allowing emerging professional artists to work in the environment of the Craft Center. Each studio (clay, fibers, glass, metals and wood) has a resident artist with a BFA, MFA or professional equivalent.

There is also a residency position for the exhibitions program. The AIR program has a competitive application process to fill these six positions.

02 - Holland: Ceramics

Individual residency at the Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum For who? Professional artists, designers and architects.This residency is intended for professional artists, designers and architects who would like to learn more about ceramics as a medium or who would like to acquire more in-depth knowledge of ceramics.

The individual residency at the .ekwc offers a supreme opportunity for those who want to undertake experiments with or take up the challenge of ceramics. Not only can they spend three months making use of all the facilities at the .ekwc that support the process of working with ceramics, but a technical staff is also available to provide guidance during the residency.

03 - Australia: Ceramics, Graphic Design, Jewellery,Textile, Woodcraft

Sturt Craft Centre invites high profile makers from a wide range of contemporary crafts and art practices each year as part of the Artist in Residence Program.

It is ideal for established craftspeople from Australia and overseas who see a need to invigorate their practice, expand their contacts and interact with other makers within the stimulating environment of Sturt.

04 - Denmark: Bronze Foundry, Stone Carving

Hollufgård Guestatelier was established to connect Danish and international sculptors by offering a working environment ideal for a healthy exchange of ideas.

At the studios there are ovens, compressor, welding apparatus and lift. Handtools you need to bring yourself.

05 - France: Bronze Foundry, Stone Carving, Woodcraft

Fonderie de Coubertin is situated within the Paris region, some ten kilometers south of Versailles, the valley of the Chevreuse lies in the beautiful and heavily-wooded regional park which bears its name.

06 - USA: Printmaking, Stone Carving, Woodcraft

The Vermont Studio Center hosts 50 artists and writers participate each month in 4 to 12 week independent studio Residencies. VSC Residents represent a mix of mediums, cultures, experience, and ages, for a diverse and vibrant community.

07 - USA: Bronze Foundry, Stone Carving, Woodcraft

Sculpture Space, Inc. provides professional artists with the opportunity and space to create sculptural works on a scale which they otherwise could not afford and in an environment conductive to experimentation.

Artists are scheduled for 11 months (September 2008 - August 2009, excluding December). They are responsible for their own materials, specialized tools, fees for work done outside the premises, and for an assistant should they require one.

08 - Tanzania: Hand made paper

Warm Heart Art Tanzania (WHAT) has a fully equippped handmade paperworkshop (with Hollander beater). WHAT provides artists residencies, training , employment and a source of susstainable income to a community of Tanzanians.

09 - China: steel, bronze, glass, ceramics

Beijing Studio Center is a residency program for international artists.

They provide residents the opportunity to acces to a wide range of art production possibilities, on-site expertise, high production standards and access to a vast array of resources in Beiling and ShangDong such as a ceramic shell and glass workshop, and traditional chinese crafts such as Chines lacquer and cloisonne.

10 - Japan: Japanese Woodblock Printmaking

The workshops at Nagasawa Art Park Tokyo Office are aimed at creating woodblock prints through collaboration between traditional watercolor woodblock print book makers and artists.

They see the use Japanese watercolor woodblock print techniques as a means for modern artist expression, and to generate interest in the beauty of these watercolor works among the general public.

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