Artist in Residence at Kavli Delft

Artist in Residence at Kavli Delft

A position at KIND known as ‘the Artist in Residence’ will be offered annually to an artist with an outstanding reputation. The Artist-in-Residence fellowship offers talented artists working in the fields of conceptual art, visual art, photography, music, design, dance, film, theatre, or poetry an opportunity to work on a project within the international and interdisciplinary academic setting of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft (KIND). He/she will be invited to come to KIND for a period of about 3 months, in which he/she will have the opportunity to closely interact with the scientists at the institute, join in work discussions, experience lab work, and the like. The expectation is that the Artist-in-Residence fellowship will result in a piece of art that relates to the nanoscience at KIND.

KIND initiated the artist-in-residence fellowship to promote the relationship between the arts and sciences and thus find new ways to interact and communicate concerning discoveries about matter on the nanoscale. The view is that the cross-fertilization between creative approaches and scientific disciplines will evoke disruptive new insights, strengthen ties, and trigger novel approaches.

Scope and Practical Information:

  • KIND will award one fellowship per year, annually offering an artist the opportunity to share ideas with leading nanoscientists.
  • The fellowship is aimed at artists at the highest international level.
  • The artist should have an academic level of thinking and a portfolio that exhibits his/her artistic credentials through, for example, international prizes, art exhibitions, publications, performances, and the like.
  • The artist should have an affinity to the sciences (preferably nanoscience, quantum physics, or life sciences), a research-minded attitude, and excellent communicative skills.
  • Artists can work in any of the fields of conceptual art, visual art, photography, music, design, dance, film, theatre, or poetry.
  • The Artist-in-Residence will be awarded a reimbursement of € 4000 for each month that is spent at KIND, to compensate for lost earnings for the duration of the fellowship.
  • The fellowship includes the free use of an apartment in the historic center of Delft, office space, and other facilities such as assistance by a secretary.
  • KIND will also reimburse reasonable travel costs for the one-time travel to and from Delft.
  • KIND faculty members and their students and postdoctoral fellows will be strongly encouraged to interact with the Artist in Residence.
  • The fellowship must lead to a concrete result, such as a piece of art, a performance, an exhibit, etc, that will be communicated to the Kavli community and//or be made available to the general public. Material costs associated with this must be discussed beforehand with the Kavli staff.
  • At the end of the visit, the Artist in Residence will give a presentation at KIND.

Application and Selection:

  • The artist who wishes to apply, writes a proposal that outlines a plan for the fellowship period at Delft. Proposals are welcome before an annual deadline. For concrete details on preparing an application, see the Appendix.
  • Upon receipt of the proposals, an evaluation committee consisting of KIND faculty and external art advisors will select candidates and advise the Directors of KIND.
  • After this first selection round, a few selected candidates will be invited for a 1-day visit to the Kavli Institute. During the visit, the candidate will present his/her proposal, and meet members of the Institute. Subsequently, selected applicants may be invited to submit a revised version of their proposal within a 3-week period.
  • Subsequently, the evaluation committee evaluates the candidates and advises the Directors of KIND.
  • After a final decision of the Directors of KIND, the candidate is informed and dates and arrangements for the visit are planned.

Please send your application with deadline 30 September 2020 to Amanda van der Vlist (email: [email protected]).

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