Annual Report Trans Artists 2011


Annual Report Trans Artists 2011

Find here a summary (in development) of the annual report 2011, with an insight in facts, figures, use and values of Trans Artists' own activities.

The amount of visits to the Trans Artists website increased from 2.270.228 in 2010 to 2.759.012 visits in 2011. Where did all these visits come from? Which artist-in-residence programmes are most popular among artists? Which world regions are most interested in AiR opportunities?

How many workshops did Trans Artists organize, where and how?

What was going on in the AiR sector in the Netherlands?

With whom does Trans Artists collaborate?

Visits worldwide

Throughout all world regions the amount of visits to the Trans Artists website has increased enormously.

* The increase of visits from Europe is far bigger than the increase from the United States and Canada.

* Steady increase of visits from other world regions than Europe and North America.

* Europe: towards more equal artist-in-residence participation

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Curiosity Distribution

Visitors to the Trans Artists database are spread out all over the place.

For instance Poland: the amount of visits from Poland nearly doubled, from 4730 in 2009 up to 8055 in 2010.

* 8 artist-in-residence programs in 6 cities

* visits to Trans Artists website came from 120 cities, all over Poland.

Most visits came from Warsaw (3161), followed by Krakow (824), Wroclaw (724), Poznan (605), Lodz (303).

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Artist-in-Residence disciplines

Many artist-in-residence programs are multi-and interdisciplinary. From tradition most programs focus on the visual arts, but since the 1960s more and more residencies focus on other disciplines.

* Applied arts: increase of visits 300%

* Performing arts: increase of visits 200%

* Visual arts: increase of visits 360%

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