English, Spanish
2 months
Paid by host:
  • The organization will pay for a round trip from the artist’s place of residence to Zaragoza, by train or plane (tourist class). If the artists wish to use another means of transport, this must be agreed with the organisation. *
  • The Foundation offers up to 2,000 euros in costs for the artist. These costs will be determined proportionally to the length of the residency.*
  • Successfully selected selected artist will receive, once the exhibition has been opened and in a single payment,the amount of 2,000 euros (gross) as a fee for the transfer of the rights to exhibit their work as part of the VisionarIAs project.*

*If the project is carried out by more than one person, the production fee, travel and subsistence costs will be divided by the number of people carrying out the project or handed over to the entity representing them.

Application guidelines:

Please read the guidelines. Applications must be submitted by email to the following address: [email protected] with the subject [Open Call VisionarIAs]. A document of up to 15 pages, in Spanish or English, explaining the proposal. The proposal can include any forms or sketches to illustrate the project. The inclusion of an explanatory video or other audiovisual material that helps to understand the proposed residence will be positively valued. The document must include (in this order):

  • Contact information, including telephone number, email address and availability.
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant(s), including documentation of the latest work done with links to other works /residences / milestones achieved in the past.
  • Summary of the project that explains the proposal of the work to be carried out.
  • Estimated itemised budget (inc. VAT).
  • Forecast of technical and material needs for the project. If there is any additional or specific needs (calendar, equipment that must be acquired or rented) the proposals must mention it for evaluation by the jury.
  • Graphic material that illustrates the project, such as sketches, images, videos, etc.
  • Estimated schedule of work, work plan, residence and production, including an estimate of dates to do the work.
  • Characteristics of the project and exhibition set up.

Once the documentation provided has been checked, the organisation may request further information. After receipt of the request, participants will have five working days to send additional information or correct any errors detected in the applications. If the requested documentation is not provided, the application will be rejected.  

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Zaragoza City of Knowledege Foundation

Zaragoza City of Knowledege Foundation

VisionarIAs programme

VisionarIAs is a project from the Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad in collaboration with the Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, forming part of the European Laboratory for ARTificial Intelligence, co-financed by the Creative Europa programme from the European Union.

They are now accepting applications from artists for the VisionarIAs programme, with an open call taking place from 17th September to 4th November 2019. A total of 3 residencies, each lasting between one and two months, will be made available to artists from around the world. Residencies are to be held between January and March 2020 at the Etopia centre for Art and Technology in Zaragoza, Spain. The work produced will make up part of the VisionarIAs exhibition, which will be held at the centre from May to October 2020, as part of the programme of activities offered by the European Laboratory for ARTificial Intelligence.

The link between creativity and AI is already well established. What they are looking for in this open call is to add another dimension to this dynamic, in which the concepts of vision and visuality can be explored in relation to the creativity of machines, as well as the impact this has on artistic creation. Our senses are the way we access the physical world, and from our experience of the tangible, our creativity grows. One of the traditional functions of art is the remaking, or recreation of, reality. With VisionarIAs, the idea is to compare machine vision with human vision, and investigate how differences between the two manifest themselves when creating, or recreating, a world view.
This open call is for artists and creators that want to create work or develop projects that, as stated above, exist within the field of:

  • Vision and visuality of machines
  • Creativity and Artificial Intelligence


Studio Information

Assignment of a work space - which may be shared according to the needs of the project and availability at the centre.

Accommodation Information

A single room at the Etopia Residence for a maximum of 60 calendar days between January and March 2020. The stay may be divided into two periods, subject to prior agreement with the organization. The residence provides bed linen and towels.
Use of the Residence’s facilities: a work area in the room itself, common living area, fridges, microwaves, washing machine, internet connection, secure access etc.

Technical Information

Access, subject to availability, to Etopia’s laboratories: digital manufacturing, robotics and electronics, multimedia, audiovisual experimentation, citizen computing, wetlab, sensorization etc. During the residence, artists will be able to collaborate with a scientific and technical advisor.

Contact information

Av. Ciudad de Soria 8
50010 Zaragoza Z

convocatorias [at]