8 weeks
Paid by host:

$400 stipend per week; roundtrip transportation to Philadelphia; housing at UArts, group also use a mini-van to obtain wood and supplies and travel in the region. A modest allowance for special materials is also awarded.

Paid by artist:

Application fees are $25.00.

Application guidelines:

Applications for the Windgate ITE Fellow Student Artist are open to anyone who is currently a BFA, MFA, undergraduate, graduate, or one year out from an undergraduate or graduate program, or equivalent formal education. A reference letter from a teacher is required. The call for a resident scholar and a resident student artist remain open. Applications for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 residencies are welcome, and the PDF of the application is available here.

For more information on the Windgate ITE International Residency Program or the application process, please email Karen Schoenewaldt, Registrar, at [email protected].

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Windgate ITE International Residency

Windgate ITE International Residency

The Center for Art in Wood

The Windgate ITE International Residency is a collegial experience in which the resident fellows explore new work through research, exploration and collaboration.

The Center for Art in Wood awards for seven prestigious fellowships for the annual Windgate ITE International Residency Program. The program selects from an international pool of applicants, one photojournalist, one scholar/educator, and five artists who work either solely in wood or who work with wood in combination with other materials. The program is designed as a collegial experience and encourages an open exchange of creative and technical innovations. Residents are able to pursue both individual and collaborative work that is explorative and experimental.

The Windgate ITE International Residency Selection Committee decided, in 2015, to address a need by adding an eigth fellowship to be awarded to a student.  The intent is to encourage the inclusion of a person that is at the beginning of their career as opposed to those who are more established in theirs.  Applicants must exhibit proficiency in techniques in woodworking as well as exhibiting creativity in design in their work.  Their participation in this residency will be as a peer with the other residents and will be included in the exhibition at the conclusion of the residency.


Exhibition, Educational program, Open-day Studio, talks.

Contact information

The Center for Art in Wood, 141 N. 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
United States

karen [at]