up to 4 weeks (short term) or min 3 months (long term)
Paid by host:
  • a stipend will be paid to the artist at a weekly rate of $600 per week.
  • a material budget of up to $5000 will be paid upon submission of receipts to the Project Manager.
For the long-term residency only:
  • a total transportation allowance of $2000 per artist will be paid upon submission of receipts to the Project Manager.
  • accommodation allowance limited to $1300 per artist per month will be paid upon submission of receipts to the Project Manager. (artists not requiring accommodation will not be eligible for this allowance)
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Watershed+ Residency Program at Ralph Klein Park

Watershed+ Residency Program at Ralph Klein Park


As part of Watershed+ program an artist studio space has been developed at Ralph Klein Park (RKP) for an ongoing artist residency program. the residency offers artists a unique opportunity to explore, experiment and engage in thoughts and conversations around Calgary’s watershed, water management and the Park environment, resulting in a enriched understanding of contemporary artistic practice and the environment – for artists, the public and the City of Calgary staff.

The selected artists will broadly explore issues relevant to Calgary’s watershed, water management and the Ralph Klein Park (RKP) environment. the residency will provide artists wishing to research, experiment and produce new work in relation to these issues, with time, space and resources in a unique context.
In turn the residencies will offer City of Calgary staff,the artist community and the public, the opportunity to engage with new work of national and international significance and enrich our understanding, appreciation and emotional connection to our environment.
The residency will provide artists the opportunity to research and develop their ideas through the production of new works in response to their time in RKP and the processes present on site (water treatment, natural environment, biology and hydrology, urban watersheds, etc). artists are encouraged to establish a collaboration/discussion with Parks and water-related specialists. an aspect of this residency is expected to be publicly accessible and artists will have the opportunity to define how they intend to interact with a wider public.
For more information on the Watershed+ program, download the Watershed+ manual.

Two residency formats are available:
  • Long-term residency: as part of the long term residency, the artists selected will work for a minimum of three months (this does not have to be consecutive).
  • In addition to the long term residency program, there is an opportunity for artists to participate in short term residencies up to four weeks in length. These are paid opportunities that invite artists to use the facilities as a short term residency space.  



During their residency, artists will be expected to engage with the RKP staff to promote collaboration and connections between contemporary art practice and natural and man-made processes on site, and potentially more broadly in the city.

Studio Information

A purpose built individual artist studio space will be provided at RKP, positioned on the top floor of the eeeC building overlooking the manmade wetlands, with access to a workshop with a selection of basic hand and power tools. access to special equipment requirements may be negotiated.

Accommodation Information

For the long term residency the artist will be provided with accommodation options (within the accommodation allowance). Artists are not required to accept this accommodation if they wish to make alternative arrangements.


RKP is Calgary’s newest major park and is located within the shepard stormwater diversion Project – a 156 hectares (385 acres) man-made wetland that functions as both a stormwater storage facility and a treatment wetland that naturally filters stormwater. It is the largest constructed stormwater treatment wetland in Canada and provides a route for stormwater from the east side of the city to the Bow River.

Contact information

625 25 avenue SE
City of Calgary Water Centre
Calgary AB T2G 4K8

randy.niessen [at]