English, Italian
3 weeks (between June and September)
Paid by host:

The residency opportunity is free of charge. Accommodation, tools and places to work are included.

Paid by artist:

travel costs

Application guidelines:

Candidates should be interested in a process-driven, multidisciplinary-focused methodology, which will give them the opportunity to investigate social practice.

Interested candidates must send in a CV to [email protected] as well as a proposal explaining what they would specifically like to do with the residency and how it connects to their practice

AIR tags:
studio space, accommodation, project manager-support, network-development, curators
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vessel art project

vessel art project

vessel curatorial residencies

Vessel is a non-profit platform for the development of a critical discourse related to the current cultural, social, economic and political issues through the lens of contemporary art.

The three-week Residency Program for curators will provide the opportunity to investigate social practices. Specifically, curators will interact with artists, curators and cultural operators based in the Apulia Region and explore process-driven, multidisciplinary-focused methodology. The curators selected for the Residency Program will be directly involved in some of the regional projects that vessel already regularly contributes to. Contribution to these projects will be a central part of the residency in order to experience methods of cultural operation in the territory, but also to inspire a fruitful exchange of methods and strategies.

Please read carefully the 2013 open call for the curatorial residencies to know about the current thematics explored by vessel.


The residency is centered in Bari, Italy and additionally travels to the various on-site locations of vessel’s affiliated projects.

Contact information

Via Guido de Ruggiero, 6
70125 Bari

selezionivessel [at]