1 month - May 18th - June 18th 2018
Paid by host:

Together with being awarded the residency, the chosen artist is awarded 20,000 Danish kroner (about 2,680 Euros).

Paid by artist:

The artist provides their own transport, lodging, meals (and other necessities) and materials. Vejle Printmaking Workshop will provide advice concerning inexpensive accomodations, shopping and the purchase of extra materials.

Application guidelines:

The application is to be sent as a single PDF file to: [email protected]:

  • Motivation for the application
  • Artist Statement
  • CV
  • Portfolio, 10 works
  • Which tools and materials do you wish to work with?
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Vejle Printmaking Workshop

Vejle Printmaking Workshop

AIR-Vejle 18

Vejle Printmaking Workshop was created with the purpose of establishing and developing technical facilities within the professional graphic art field. The intention is to ensure that the artists associated with the workshop have the best possible conditions for their creation of graphic art.

AIR-Vejle is Vejle Printmaking Workshop’s residency programme for international fine art printmakers. The primary goal of the residency is to give the artist an opportunity for some time to immerse themselves in the artistic process. At the same time there is a focus on networking, dialogue and knowledge exchange.
AIR-Vejle cooperates with Vejle Art Museum. Vejle Art Museum is a leader in graphic fine art / works on paper. The museum has a unique graphic art collection of about 20.000 works – the next largest collection of graphic art in Denmark.
The application is an Open Call process. The artist is chosen by a jury composed of 2 representatives of Vejle Printmaking Workshop, 1 representative of the Artist Council of the Municipality of Vejle, 1 representative of Vejle Art Museum and the coordinator of AIR-Vejle.

  • Hold an Artist Talk at the Vejle Art Museum, open to the public
  • Share knowledge with members of Vejle Printmaking Workshop
  • Participate in an open workshop ”Open Workzone” with members of Vejle Printmaking Workshop (3 hours)
Studio Information

Fine art printmaking workshop.

Accommodation Information

No accommodation provided. Vejle Printmaking Workshop will provide advice concerning inexpensive accomodations.

Technical Information

Vejle Printmaking Workshop has the following facilities:

  • Five graphic presses – for both relief and intaglio printing. The press tables are respectively 80x150cm, 33x70cm, 50x100cm, 25x25cm and 24x45cm
  • A light cabinet with UV lighting for eg. photogravure
  • Etching tank with iron chloride for etching of copper plates
  • Serigraphy workshop
  • Weekly croquis evening
  • The workshop has as well a drying cabinet, two smaller light tables, a cutter for paper and metal sheets, a computer with net access, a printer and an overhead projector.
  • Kitchen
Contact information

Banegårdspladsen 63
7100 Vejle

grafiskvaerkstedvejle [at]