The residencies are based on terms of 400 hours.
Paid by host:

partial funding to the residency

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Vancouver Board of Parks AIR

Vancouver Board of Parks AIR


The Artist in Residence Program is based on principles of community cultural development . Its purpose is to support artists working with communities on issues of joint interest or concern. During the residencies, each artist establishes a presence at the sponsoring Community Centre. Depending on the nature of the residency, this presence can take many forms, including attending committee meetings, leading workshops, arranging project progress displays or creating some other form of connection with the centre. Artists also work off-site with a variety of community groups and individuals


Each year a limited number of Community Centres host an Artist in Residence. Although traditionally, residencies require an artist to live at a designated location, the term 'residence' in this program refers to the artist's commitment to and consideration of the peoples, places and issues located in the participating communities.

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