2 weeks
Paid by host:

accommodation and studio space

Paid by artist:

travel expenses

Application guidelines:

send a short description of your work 20 words with name, e-mail, web references and your preferred dates of stay. Contact project manager: Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh at [email protected].

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Tou Scene

Tou Scene

The Art of Hospitality - TAOH

The main aim of the residency is to strengthen the production of new media, visual and performance art. You are offered free accomodation for a period for up til 2 weeks all year round.

The building where TAOH is located has traces from its history as a beer brewery and inspire to site relational and specific work. The residency and turqoiuse bunkbed is situated in a project room 25m2 with a garage door to a big outdoor area. 


As a guest you are welcome to show work but this is optional, TAOH's main aim is for you to have time to work on your production. They do however expect a self presentation for the network and audience at Tou Scene during your stay.

Studio Information

You share a kitchen and shower with 12 artists in neigbouring studios.


Tou Scene is situated by the sea side with only 10 minutes walking distance to the city center.

Contact information

lervigsveien 22
4013 Stavanger

annemarte [at] touscene.com