English, French
1,5 - 3,5 months
Paid by host:
  • Assistance for grant applications
  • Technical Assistance (new media, painting, sculpture, art theory, photography, cinema.)
  • Exhibition planning and promotion
  • Studio visits by local and guest curators, artists, and professionals
Paid by artist:

Studio rental fee, housing, expenses

Application guidelines:

Studio Béluga accepts applications from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Applicants may propose one or more projects to be completed during their residency at Studio Béluga. The selection committee, composed of artists, curators, and art historians, evaluates proposals on the basis of artistic merit and welcomes submissions from emerging and established artists regardless of experience and background.

All submission are to be sent [email protected]

Please combine all documents and files in one single ZIP file. For submission of videos and other larger files, please upload them on a third party website (e.g., smumug, dropbox.) and provide us the respective link.

  • Basic Information ( Name, Family name, address, contact info)
  • Project(s) Proposal: A detail description of the project(s) that is to becompleted during the residency. No more than 600 words
  • Provisional timeline
  • Documentations of work in progress. No more than 10 files ( Sketches, VideoRushes, Screenshots, etc.)
  • Documentation of previous completed work. No more than 5 projects.
  • Artist statement. No more than 300 words.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
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Studio Béluga

Studio Béluga


Each season, Studio Béluga dedicates its space and facilities to hosting self-directed and thematic residencies produced by artists, curators, scholars, and other creative professionals. Intended to work conceptually with the studio’s exhibition and events programs, these residencies bring together participants from diverse backgrounds that share ideals and interests, in order to generate a working and thinking environment and to facilitate creative exchange of new ideas.

The length of each Residency is two-and-a-half months. During this time, each artist is offered a space of 200-400 sqft to develop the proposed project. At the end of the term, a selection of the residents’ projects is curated by the board into a group exhibition.

Accommodation Information

They do not provide accommodation, but offer help in finding apartments or rooms for rent for the residents.


Occupying a 2100 square foot loft in a former textile factory in the heart of the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal, Studio Béluga offers its residents easy access to the city's vibrant cultural community.

Contact information

160 St-Viateur Est
Suite 508A
Montreal QC H2T 1A8

art [at]