Kashmiri, English, Hindi
1 month
Paid by host:

They cover the costs of accommodation, food, travel with limited support for material.

Paid by artist:

Artists are only required to pay application fee of 36 Euros.

Application guidelines:

Online application.

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Srinagar Biennale International

Srinagar Biennale International


The residency called “wande-17” means “winter 17”. It has been designed to occur in a period which is locally called “Chillai Kalaan”. This is the deepest part of the winter which is harshest and coldest. Aiming to work at thresholds of such an environmental diction the organizers aim to create a conversation about experiences of art making at times which demand different, non rivalrous orders of consideration and production. The aim is to challenge the boundaries between ideas, affects and effects which shift constantly and get challenged endlessly in such a context. This is to invoke a true plane to invigorate practice; a plane that can enrich and remake our sense of contemporaneity, simultaneity and multiplicity.

Pluri-Disciplinary in approach, the residency is production based with no limitations towards mediums. The aim is to involve artists in an interdisciplinary approach therefore there are no specified materials to which we expect the artists to adhere to. But due to the place and the time of the residency they are anticipating snow and they would want to engage with snow as a material with other mediums such as video, film, photo, body, new media, text or performance.


Exhibition, artist talk, discussions.

Studio Information

Their aim is to first engage with landscape as material. They aim to consider landscape not simply as an object to be seen or a text to be read, but as an instrument of cultural force, a central tool in the creation of identities. Therefore our primary studio will be the landscape itself, as space, as medium, as process and as thought.

Accommodation Information

They provide single rooms to artists which includes one kitchen, lobby, dinning and attached washrooms.

Contact information

D42 Defence Colony
New Delhi 10024

srinagarbiennale [at]