English, Spanish
1-2 months
Paid by host:

Room, meals, art materials, and traveling within Mexico.

Paid by artist:
  • $300 fee
  • Traveling to and from the residency
Application guidelines:

Application materials:

  • CV/Resume
  • 10 work samples
  • Two short essays
Annually on 31st January
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Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center

Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center

Rasquache Artist Residency

The Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center Inc. (SQACC) strives to be a premier, regional, and Latino based organization that advances the important roles that art and education play in everyday lives. SQACC supports and gives voice to the artistic and educational expressions which advance community development, responsibility and social equity, cultural diversity, global awareness and stewardship, as well as the empowerment of the Latina and Latino identities.

Rasquache residency seeks to create collaborative environment of socially engaged activities that benefit both the artist and his/her work as well as the local community.  Rasquache believes in cultural and artistic agency as an empowering and critical tool for both the artist and the community. Artists will be encouraged to produce dialogues and works concerning social, political, cultural, environmental, and economic issues surrounding the region of Cholula, Puebla and issues of immigration. Rasquache strives to expand and emphasize the adoption of rasquachismo attitude and ideals striving to rediscover and reconstruct community empowerment and artistic/academic agency for social change within marginalized and minority communities, both in the U.S and in Latin America.

Studio Information

No individual studio space is provided for each artist, however the outdoor house patio will be used for larger works as well as embracing the local culture and community as main artistic resources.

Accommodation Information

Artists reside in a three bedroom home and share rooms.

Technical Information

Residents will have access to wood working tools, residency gallery, local library, wood/propane kiln on site, general drawing/painting materials, and local school facilities.

Contact information

Calle San Luis #30
72810 Cholula,

fcuatlacuatl [at]