English, Dutch, Italian, Russian
1-3 months
Paid by host:

Accomodation and studio space.
Limited amount of grants are available for material production costs, publication and exhibition / events.

Paid by artist:

Travel costs, food, daily expenses.

Application guidelines:

Step 1.
Please send:
- Your CV (max 3 pages A4, in PDF format). Please mention your name, age, education, possible links on your published works and contact details.
- Your portfolio/ examples of your writing in English, Italian, Dutch or Russian (max 3 pages A4, in PDF format)
- Plan or idea for your work, writing or research in Scalea (max 1 page A4, in PDF format). Please mention preferable time frame for your stay.

Email for applications: at scaleforniaproject(at)
Deadline for applications: 15th day of each month.

Step 2.
Please confirm your membership at - at a one-time cost of 10 euro. Do it via PayPal or bank transfer, mentioning your name.

Step 3.
Your application is in selection process. You will be contacted back. In case you've been longlisted, you'll be asked for a videocall interview.

Step 4.
The selected artists are asked for another videocall to discuss the dates your needs and financial details of your stay.

Every 15th of the month
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Scaleable Museum Story Factory

Artists and Writers in Residence Program in Scalea, Italy
Program for artistic research and production in Scalea is inspired by the ideas of Calabrian philosopher Gregorio Caloprese (Scalea, 1654-1715), who believed that a combination of science, literature and art together with healthy life on the seaside, friendship and collective spirit can do wonders to the development of the humanity. In post-corona times of decentralisation and search of new meanings, we continue the tradition of Caloprese's free school for art, literature and philosophy practices.

The main concept of the residency is "Win back your time". It means that the time belongs to the individuum, but with the stressful life of the big city and the pressure of time VS money, we lose this mastery of our time. The artist in residence program is intended to grant to the artist the time: to exist in pleasant, unique atmosphere of a seaside town outside of vacation season, and to concentrate on advancing the work of your dream.

Scalefornia in the city of Scalea, South of Italy, is welcoming international artists for a production & research residence program, duration of 1 or 2 months with possible extension. The residency program is founded by Scaleable Contemporary Art Museum and city development project

The residency provides a comfortable lodging in the town near the sea, with a goal facilitate artist's need for spaces, materials, information, time and contacts. They hosts diverse artistic residency programs throughout the year:

Story Factory in Scalea. Writers in residence.
Paper Fetish Riso & Experimental printing Lab. Artistic residency for graphic artists and designers.
Photobook Workshop & Production Lab.
Residence program for photographers, photo editors and graphic designers, on creating layout and dummy for a photobook. In collaboration with Dostoevsky Publishing.
Residency for New Media artists.
Residency for Painters and visual artists.
Residency for Documentary filmmakers. Research, filming, editing and postproduction process for your film.
Residence program for Choreographers and Movement artists.
Residency for Graphic Novel producers.
Residency for Children book producers.
Residency for Animation filmmakers. More info & Apply here.
Residency for Coders, Programmers and App developers.
Residency for Collage artists.
Residency for Experimental Food researchers.
Residency for Murals artists.
Residency for Land artists.
Residency for Musicians and sound artists.
Special program: Residency for Russian poets. In memory of Marina Kalinichenko.
Special program: Residency for Dutch artists and designers. In collaboration with Dutch Cultural embassy.

The program is open to people of any nationality and age. We consider a portfolio and intention / idea of the artist to develop. Each application is carefully considered by our internal team, and a longlist is presented to the external council, consisting of international experts and project sponsors.
The residence functions throughout a year, except for the months July and August.
You can come alone or with your partner / family. The costs for the partner or accompanying persons are not covered.

Scalefornia provides
Housing for artists
Access to the library of art, philosophy, and literature books
Production space in specific cases of need
Contacts and networking on the spot
Printing facilities, including A3 laser printer, RISO printer and more.
Possibility of an exhibition in one of our spaces or partnering organisations.
Possibility of publishing a book as a result of the residence in collaboration with Dostoevsky Publishing.
Possibility of grant or individual sponsorship of the artist's travel and production expenses.


Possibility of an exhibition in one of our spaces or partnering organisations.
Possibility of publishing a book as a result of the residence in collaboration with Dostoevsky Publishing.
Possibility of grant or individual sponsorship of the artist's travel and production expenses.

Studio Information

Big studio space with printing technologies: Laser A3 printer, Riso A3 printer, silkscreen and possible installing more production facilities.

Accommodation Information

1 or 2 room apartments with balcony and / or garden, near the sea (max. 1 km from the seaside).
Groups and families are welcome. Maximum 4 guests per accommodation.

Contact information

via San Giacomo 3
87029 Scalea

scaleforniaproject [at]