Paid by host:

They subsidize the cost of staying in Austin. The residency includes use of the main room, backyard, washer and dryer, and fully-equipped kitchen.

Paid by artist:

Artist fee is $30- $50 a night based on need and duration of stay. Includes a private room and full use of house.

Application guidelines:

Send cover letter, artist statement, and preferred dates for residency.

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Salvage Vanguard Theater

Salvage Vanguard Theater

SVT Guest Artist House

The SVT Artist Guest House is designed specifically for the needs of artists, staying in Austin, whether for work or respite. It is a space for radical hospitality: Accommodating the creative life at artist-friendly prices. They offer two residencies. Artist-in-Residence and Visiting Artists:

  • Artist-in-Residence: One artist is granted one-year of subsidized housing ($600/mth with no additional fees). Providing that artist with the opportunity to foster relationships with local and guest artists and serve in a leadership capacity at SVT as the resident host. As the cost-of-living continues to grow, SVT wishes to provide affordable housing to an artist who contributes to the cultural enrichment of Austin. 
  • Visiting Artists: To encourage collaboration with career artists nationally and internationally, the SVT Artist Guest House offers a subsidized room-for-rent for artists visiting Austin ($30-50/night with no additional fees). As Austin continues to grow in its reputation for exciting new work, The SVT Artist Guest House makes it financially possible for out-of-town artists to visit Austin with the purpose of collaborating with Austin-based arts groups, generate new work and/or present work to Austin audiences.

The SVT Artist Guest House is a residency for artists in Austin, both local and visiting, that provides artists with affordable creative-making residency space. The SVT Artist Guest House is a residence and is such to the service of artists by providing artists with comfortable accommodations, a host to assist the guest artist with visitor-needs and a private home-studio environment in which to work. 
The organizers hope to encourage contributions to the cultural enrichment of Austin and to generate collaboration with Austin-based arts groups and national and international artists, and to support the generation of new work.

Studio Information

The SVT House does not provide a studio space for Applied Materials visual art projects. There is a shared flexible main room that can serve as a workshop studio for performance artists, film makers, and photographers. A large backyard can be used for outdoor creative experimentation, and applied materials art projects (weather permitting).

Accommodation Information

The residencies include:

  • A private bedroom.
  • A shared flexible main room that can serve as a tradition living room or a workshop studio for performance artists
  • A large backyard for gatherings or outdoor creative experimentation, and applied materials art projects
  • A washer and dryer
  • A shared fully-equipped kitchen
  • A shared bathroom with tub/shower
Contact information

903 E 54th St
Austin, TX 78751
United States

house [at]