Spanish, English
1-2 Month
Paid by host:

Snacks, coffee, visits to studios of artists and craftsmen.

Paid by artist:

Fee: USD $500 (1 month) and USD $900 (2 months). The fee includes the use of the workshops, while materials for the joinery and print workshop are not included.

Application guidelines:

Artists, curators, cultural affairs managers, designers and researchers and contemporary art producers can apply. Send a PDF file with the below information: [email protected]:

  • Personal information: Name, IDN/ passport number, email, city, country, birth date
  • Resume and updated biography in prose with the most important work (10 lines maximum)
  • 10 images of your previous work
  • Project description to develop during the residency (no more than 500 words long)
  • Link to digital portfolio
  • Desired dates to spend in the residency
  • The term of the residency
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Proceso Abierto

Proceso Abierto

Art Residency Proceso Abierto

Proceso A Art Residency program is for production, research, and curatorial development. The program is directed to artists, cultural affairs managers, designers and researchers to work and live in Oaxaca or Puebla, Mexico, for a short term of a month or two. The residency program is thought to stimulate the creative and reflexive process from meeting with local and global cultural actors. They are interested in set dialogues with community visions to discuss the social, economic and aesthetic dynamics of the place as of the recognition of their cultural practices in order to stimulate the exchange and collaboration between cultural creators and artistic local and global institutions emphasizing in projects which language and format fit in contemporary debates.

Proceso A counts with two spaces, the room stay and the production workshop located in an strategical point outside the city, where artisans, archeological sites and traditional market converge to link and help to improve the creative proposals of the artists and at the same time allow them to have a reflexive exercise with regards of the practices coming from the place. The gallery and printing lab is located in Oaxaca historical center, in a zone full of cultural activities, surrounded by art galleries and workshops, museums, design stores, and more.

The residency in Oaxaca gives access to four workshops: Production, Fine art printing lab, Cyanotype, and Joinery workshop, the intention is that the residents use the workshops to work in their proposal starting from the cultural, social, political contact that the space offers; digital production, photography, editorial, silk print, industrial design, utilitarian objects, ways of mounting, etc.

For artists: This mode of the residency is directed to artists, designers, illustrators, digital artists and people related with the contemporary art production, the invitation is open to producing a project that each resident put forward during his stay in Oaxaca. The mean objective of the residency is to develop proposals that research and experiment with the city, the variants, and its own characteristics, as well as the dynamics that implies the art production in a residency format.

For curators and researches: Directed to curators, critics, theorists, historians, and researchers that are looking for making a research proposal that involves Oaxacan artists or that involves the local cultural development.


The production or final products will be shown to the public in an open studio format, exhibition, workshop or talk in the gallery.

Studio Information
  • Wood workshop and print lab
  • Joinery workshop
  • Use of workshop tools
  • Fine Art Print Lab access
  • Cyanotype workshop
  • Gallery
Accommodation Information
  • House Residency Oaxaca: 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds
  • House Residency Puebla (Cholula): 2 bedrooms with 1 single bed
Contact information

M. Bravo
Esq. Tinoco y Palacios 313
68000 Oaxaca, OAX

procesoainfo [at]