Japanese, English
up to 30 days
Paid by host:

They can provide a subsidized rent, a communication and coordination support to promote and give visibility to the project.

Paid by artist:

All costs are to be covered by the artist. Please check this brochure for the current dailty rates: Platform05 brochure.

Application guidelines:

Creators (performers, writers, visual artists, architects, etc) who need a space for their research or project are welcome to apply for a residency. Besides, platform05 also welcomes people related to the cultural, the creative and artistic field (sociologists, philosophers, etc).

Fill out the form online here

Attach the following documents:

  • Project presentation (pdf format, 1MB)
  • Professional profile (pdf format, 1MB)
  • Example of previous works (e.g. portfolio) (pdf format, 1MB)
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platform05 is an artist in residence space located in Beppu (Kyushu, South Japan). The space can be used for daily or short-term residence's projects. The residency space is a Japanese house called Nagaya (row house); the traditional form of urban housing in Japan dating back several hundred years.

This platform is a space of possibilities. It is a stimulating environment for artists and creators who would like to take time to develop and nurture their ideas. Located at the heart of a middle-size city, it is like a window opened on a place full of tradition, history and with a time passing by at a different rhythm. Also the natural feature of the city with tones of hot spring water sprouting from the ground, makes it a very special place. The introduction of contemporary art in this place turns out to be really strong. That is why this is an important space for the artists and creation. The residence is offering an ideal time and space for the time of research and for giving birth to emerging ideas.

Please check also the residency Beppu Project for other open calls.

Studio Information

The residency space is a two story house with tatami floor. There is air-conditioner, internet connection, a small kitchen area, toilet (no shower room but famous and historical hot springs in the neighborhood). The space is located in Beppu downtown near convenient locations (station, automatic laundry, shops, etc).

Contact information

9-3 Chuo Machi
Beppu City, 44

info [at]