English, Czech, Slovak, French (limited)
From 1 week to 1 month (or upon agreement)
Paid by host:
  • Material necessary for the creation of the work (up to 100€ per residency)
  • Production services
  • PR services
  • Administrative support (e.g: acceptance letter, letter of invitation, etc.)
Paid by artist:

Artists cover their traveling expenses and meals. Accommodation and working place rent differs depending on which space you chose for work:

  • Studio space – 25€/person/day
  • Stage + great hall – 30€/person/day

The price includes accomodation, working space rent with technical equipement and a technical support.

Application guidelines:

After your online application is submitted, please send your portfolio in pdf or link to [email protected]

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The Pôtoň Theatre

The Pôtoň Theatre

Creative asylum in Slovak countryside

The Pôtoň Theatre is a non-profit organization located and acting in a former culture house in a small municipality of Bátovce. It operates as an only Slovak professional theatre located in the countryside. Besides its own performances, it offers a space to other Slovak and foreign artists. It provides the place for 20 residencies for more than 80 artists per year. Residencies have been held here since 2008. Over the years, there have been more than 1000 artists working in Bátovce, coming from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, England, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico. The building provides more than 1500 m² of working space for artists and full audio, lightning and projection equipment.
The Pôtoň Theatre team is seeking proposals from artists of visual arts, site specific projects, new medias and performing arts, including contemporary dance and physical theatre. But artists from other fields are also welcome to send their applications. Residency is perfect for artists who want to escape from the hectic world of cities. It provides a calm and intimate space for reflection and concentration on your art work while retreating from the life in the city.


Each artist is encouraged to present his/her work during an open and public presentation and/or exhibition.

Studio Information

The building provides more than 1500 m² of different working spaces. For example, the black-box great hall which is still in the original authentic condition. It is designed as a classic theatre hall with the stage and theatre auditorium (without elevation), balcony and stage background. For those who prefer smaller and more intimate spaces, they offer the studio. The studio is dedicated and fit for smaller productions. The dimensions and other details can be found on their website.

Accommodation Information

Currently the theatre building offers 6 single beds in 3 separate rooms on the first floor. The rooms are equipped with bathroom (shower, toilet). The residents have a fully equipped kitchen with microwave, fridge, freezer, electric kettle, stove, oven, washing machine at their disposal. There is also an open saloon available for eating, meetings and sessions. The whole building has a free Wifi connection. The best part is that you are actually living in the same building where you are working, thus you can settle your working rhytm as you wish.

Technical Information

They provide full audio, lightning and projection equipment.


The residency takes place in the building of The Pôtoň Theatre in peaceful rural area of the village Bátovce. The accommodation as well as the working space is right in the theatre.
The village of Bátovce is in the department of Levice in the region of Nitra. Bátovce was the former royal town, today it is a village with 1100 inhabitants. In the wider area, there are several touristic possibilities (history, architecture, spa, swimming pools, shopping) – Banská Štiavnica (30 km), Levice (16 km), Nitra (60 km), Santovka (13 km), Dudince (25 km). The distance between Bátovce and the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava – is only 163 km.

Contact information

Bátovce 358
935 03 Bátovce

skojcova [at]