Portuguese, Spanish (working languages), English
Paid by host:

Travel, accomodation, basic food supplies and a 1000 BRL grant (about 300€ depending on the exchange rate).

Paid by artist:

Any extra food desired by the resident.

Application guidelines:

For its winter residency (July-August), Nuvem offers grants for 6 residents from Brazil and abroad, besides covering travel, food and lodging expenses.

Nuvem is looking for creation, experimentation or research proposal from diverse fields, artistic or not, as long as they intersect with poetics of technology.

Read the guidelines here (PDF, Portuguese), and download the application form (DOC, portuguese, or here the version in Spanish).

AIR tags:
rural, nature, isolated, stipend, round trip, living expences, accommodation, national, international, shared, room, kitchen, Artist-Run, artists, project space, internet, computer, basic tools and equipment, up to 1 month

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Estação Rural de Arte e Tecnologia - Winter residency

Nuvem - rural station of Art and Technology - is interested in society and art, technology and sustainability. They are interested in multiplicity, hybridism, and aesthetics; and they bet on collaborative process, building networked knowledge and free/open culture.

1. Rural platform dedicated to experimentation, research and creation processes connected to technology and sustainability
2. A house for meetings and debates for the diffusion of open knowledge and autonomous culture


For all interested in creating devices of public self-defense. Looking for projects that deal, for instance, with the protection of physical integrity of demonstrators, with automous diffusion of information and opinions, with gathering of evidence for legal defense of individuals, mass choreographies, and the like.

Studio Information

There is a communal studio space of 40m2.

Accommodation Information

Shared bedrooms with 2-3 people, mixed gender. Cooking and cleaning are done collaboratively (ie by the own residents), with food and materials provided by the host. The house is a 4 bedroom, 200m2 cottage in a 1500m2 plot with a small river.


Technical Information

Nuvem has a small electronics lab, basic video equipment, a local server, and a 256kb internet connection.

Among the equipment available, ther are notebooks, a printer, wifi antennas, satellite antennas, micro video projector, radiotransmitters, basic carpentry and diy tools, arduinos, and soldering irons.


Rural community 200km away from the city of Rio de Janeiro and 290km from São Paulo. The nearest bus stop is 1600m walking distance, with 4-6 buses a day to the city of Resende, with connections are made to Rio and São Paulo, where the closest airports are located.

Contact information

Visconde de Mauá-RJ

nuvemlab [at]