2009, residency since 2011
2 months
Paid by host:

Travel and visa costs, housing, studio space, adaily allowance/per diem and a grant sum for material.

Application guidelines:

Preference will be given to artists from the global south, and especially from Africa.

Email your application to [email protected] Application should include:

  • Motivation letter explaining why you would like to come to Nafasi Art Space 

  • A project proposal clearly stating how you plan to use your time at Nafasi
  • A proposal for the workshop/training you would like to give
  • Artist statement and CV
  • Portfolio overview: Max 10 images of your work, not bigger than 1 MB per image 

Selection will be made by a jury and only the considered artist will be contacted by 25th May 2015 with detailed information on the residency including practical information on visa, health insurance requirements and any other documentation required. 

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Nafasi Art Space

Nafasi Art Space


Nafasi Art Space is a young Contemporary Art Space in Dar es Salaam with 11 studios, in and outdoor exhibition space and home to 15 artists. Nafasi’s mission is to be the leading Contemporary Art Centre in Tanzania that provides a platform for artists through development, production and entrepreneurship in the Visual Arts by providing training, exchange and exhibition of contemporary arts locally, regionally and beyond. The goal of the residency is to have an active art exchange between you and the Nafasi artists.

Nafasi Art Space is looking for:

  • contemporary multidisciplinary visual artists working with ample experience (art students not eligible)
  • experience and willingness to conduct workshops and community work.

During the residence period, you will:

  • work on your own project at the Nafasi premises, stay for the full duration of the residency and will actively participate in the Nafasi events
  • give a visual presentation of your work at the beginning of the residency to the Nafasi collective and interested Tanzanian artist
  • conduct a two week workshop for Nafasi artists -in one go or spread over the residency period

The residency will end with a public presentation.

Studio Information

On its premises it has an average of 30 studios, in- and outdoor exhibition spaces and 50 member artists.

Accommodation Information



It is situated on the edge of an industrial terrain and a residential area in Mikocheni B in an old warehouse with a large plot.

Contact information

P.o. Box 31715, Mikocheni
Dar es Salaam

info [at]
nafasiarts [at]
nafasiartspace [at]