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Up to two months
Paid by artist:

The rate for artist residencies is $540 USD for first month, $495/month after one month, $195 USD /week. The minimum stay is two weeks. Rare exceptions to the rate are made for artists or scholars who can show both economic need and excellence in their discipline. An applicant may make a case for sponsorship in his/her application. Residents are expected to utilize their time at Milkwood for the work that they have proposed in their applications and, barring unforeseen circumstances, to maintain their residency for the duration of their proposed stay.

Application guidelines:

Both emerging and established artists are welcome to submit an application at least six months prior to their intended stay. Most accepted residencies are no shorter than two weeks and no longer than two months.

Temporarily not accepting applications due to COVID19

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Milkwood International

Milkwood International


Milkwood Artist Residence provides an opportunity for artists and scholars to concentrate on their work, meet local artists and explore the historic and natural sites of the region.

On occasion, Milkwood hosts educational and cultural programs that utilize the residence. To help support its programming, it also accepts non-resident guests at short-term rates. No programming or guest accommodations, however, are scheduled when artists are in residence, and residence scheduling takes precedence over other activities.

Accommodation Information

A three-floor home dug into a rock escarpment overlooking the Vltava River, Milkwood Artist Residence provides artists and guests the top-floor apartment, complete with kitchen and bathroom, and full access to the large first-floor terrace facing the river. Permanent resident artists live in the lower apartment. Milkwood provides linens and complete kitchen facilities but does not prepare meals or provide daily cleaning services. Residents are expected to maintain their rooms during their stay and are welcome to use the house laundry facilities. The residency also provides full access to computer and Internet services.


The residency is located in the village of Cesky Krumlov. International visitors can fly into major airports in Prague or Vienna. Daily trains and buses from both cities travel to the South Bohemian town of Ceske Budejovice, which is 20 minutes drive from Cesky Krumlov. Local trains and buses commute daily between the two towns; however, some visitors opt to take a taxi for about 30 USD. Infrequently, while on other errands, Milkwood staff and associates may pick up visitors in Prague or Ceske Budejovice.

Contact information

Plesivecka 109
380 01 Cesky Krumlov

peter [at]